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I totally agree!! This group that didn't make it are much better, not just from a pop group stand point, but just their overall character and personalities. THe group who made it are sooo boring, they don't have charisma or personality like the other five. Jordan, morgan, and AJ has tons of personality and character, you want to watch them no matter what they say. Lucy can't even tell a funny joke(it bombed on the show when she talked about not eating well), Taylor and Tori joke about Tay bossing her sis around joke bombed, too. Chauncey didn't even know how to respond to Ryan when asked about being the only boy. Danielle just sits their and laughs and smiles, and spits out some stuff, but very boring still. I mean, Jordan has more personality than all 5 of the juniors put together.
Agreed. Not to mention they can all sing like nobody's business! And I definately agree on the whole joke murdering done by the group!