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Thread: Winners or the losers??

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    Overall, I don't think either group is that good.

    The only people who have shown they can PROPERLY sing faster pop songs, along with ballads are Lucy (she was good in her solo for One Step Closer) and AJ.

    And, no, Jordan doesn't have a good "singing" voice. She has a nice sounding voice - but it's NEVER in tune with the song. She just sort of sings along and hopes it works out.

    Chantel needs to sing ballads, as seen with "Open Arms". Even though she still didn't pull that off too well, at least her nasaly voice sounded appropriate - and not scary, in that song.

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    The reality is Danielle had a voice straight from Heaven and it can definetly soar BUT she has almost no range at all and when she leaves her comfort zone things get unglued mighty quickly. For her it might be more mental for awhile because she needs to BELIEVE she can sing in other arrangements before she can. Still, I think she will continue to struggle with most of the uptempo songs. Lucy is a pure power singer but I think she is going to have to really take care of her voice because she is the ONLY power singer in the group and that means she going to put HUGEEEEEE wear and tear on her voice box- one thing Gladys can do for her is to give her tips on how to soothe her pipes cuz boy is she gonna need it. It's not that Jordan doesn't have a fairly good voice (which will almost certainly get better with age) it's that you could never really appreciate it because she made soooooo many vocal mistakes. I assume she has little vocal training and she is the mirror opposite of say Lucy who has excellent singing skills and can't dance to save her soul, Jordan lacks a "sense" of singing and vocal discipline (which is why every song seemed "wrong" for her), she can't control when she changes pitches, when to increase vibrato instead of going down the scale, etc etc, she also goes flat fairly often putting her "musical ear" in question. Some singers can be trained into all of this and some can't, she absolutely seemed to be getting better as the weeks went on so I suspect she can look forward to better singing days. AJ seems fairly versatile and most decidely has a power voice which he used ONLY in group songs and I suspect he's going through puberty so he probably won't be able to go falsetto anymore (not that that was a real talent of his). He needs to decide his identity, is he Enrique JR the latin torch singer, Justin Jr doing pop lite, a straight forward Backstreet Boy pop singer, An Aaron Carter wanna be who emphasizes dance moves and songs or something we haven't seen yet - more than anything he needs a producer who can help him develop focus and style, he's got the voice. Taylor seems like she has a pretty decent voice but she's young and she hasn't really developed stamina, I got the sense a couple weeks ago when she sang virtually every song with a scowl that the whole extensive practice thing was getting to her already- she needs time and training and she will be fine. I feel badly for Tori because she has a very slight voice and also little training and they continually bury in her in EVERY group song, she gets half a line here and one stanza there, she CLEARLY isn't ready to be in a touring pop group at age nine. Morgan has a fairly good voice but zero self-discipline as a singer or dancer, if you really know dancing you will note he continually busts into moves that don't match the rythmn of the song and simply distracts the audience and he has VERY strange facials that really detroy audience respect for him. The thing that made Michael Jackson (before he spent two decades unmaking himself in every respect) was that he had sustained dancing moves, not just one hip shake here or a toe stand there, he'd string together 30 seconds of choreography that blew you off your chair, allllll in time to the vocal gymnastics he was performing. Morgan is way off that model and it was never clearer then when he sang an actual Michael song. He does the same thing vocally, just goes into random vocal tricks just for the sake of doing them. There's a reason why no one voted for an obviously talented performer and until Morgan decides to be different he will ALWAYS have a problem with the audience liking him as a solo act. Chauncey is a real quagmire- he is unbelievably nasal (i.e he sings like he has a cold every song), partly he would be better off singing more from his diaphragm but he too seems like his only comfort zone is slower ballads, his voice breaks and warbles without warning (puberty, the enemy of every male pre-teen singer), and he seems to have lost any sense of enjoyment in the last two weeks. He is going to have real difficulty as the only male singer because there is nowhere for him to run or hide, all the guy parts are on him (I'm betting some will have to be sung by Lucy which just ups her vocal stress problems). He needs a LOT of training. Katelyn also lacks training and has vocal problems with changing pitch, sustaining notes et al. I suspect she will find other pursuits than singing but if she wants it she has a better than average voice which she's going to have to spend some long hours getting better.

    Then there's Chantel who gets continually ripped on here; well the majority of voters must think they know something that people here don't because she kept getting votes (never enuff but lots every week with one PAINFUL exception). She has an incredibly powerful voice that indeed needs training, especially with her bizarre problems that she has starting songs. Few posters here seem to appreciate her style which is NEVER going to be melodic, pretty, harmonious or any adjective faintly related. Over time as she completes puberty, gains some life experience and gets more stage presence she is going to be a full bore growling passionate Janis Joplinesque rock singer (who does NOT dance) and she will be a veryyyyyyy good one; if you didn't like Sundown that's too bad but I can promise you there is a very big audience out there for what she does. One thing posters are right about is a self-destructive fashion sense that makes her look chunky and dumpy at times- don't try this at home.

    Anyway thats my take
    everybody has the right to speak their mind, so don't shoot me if I speak mine- ray davies

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    The reality is Danielle had a voice straight from Heaven and it can definetly soar BUT she has almost no range at all and when she leaves her comfort zone things get unglued mighty quickly.
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    That is why whenever she tried to belt, the backup vocals were so loud they drowned her out...on purpose I'm sure.

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    I think the losers would make a way better group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by superchris
    Good post Groovy, I agree with a lot of what you said, but I just don't understand why you feel the need to bash certain people.

    Then again that's exactly what I didn't want my posts to sound like. I wasn't trying to bash Danielle at all. She has a very nice voice, and yes she can sing in tune. That's awesome!! I'm just saying that give Chantel or Jordan a month or two with those American Idol singing coaches and their natural ability would improve drastically. Maybe to the point that they'd end up better all around singers then Danielle. So enough with the Chantel can't sing trash, because it's wrong. She can sing, so can A.J. and so can all the kids. But yes the Judges did make it seem like she was the best singer. The Judges suck, not the kids.

    I don't know where you get this. Falsetto is a trick for when you can't hit the high notes with you're natural voice. It's much easier to drop down to falsetto then to hit a high note naturally, the way Katelyn does. A.J. also drops into falsetto, it increases the range, but isn't a natural transition. It's a good singing ability to have, but not as good as being able to belt out the high notes as well as the low, the way Chantel does. She just needs a little more training to stay in key and she could end up better then everyone on the show. Then you people will eat you're words.
    You are right. Chantel has a great voice as do all of the others. I never denied that. I just wanted to point out some of the weaknesses I've noticed in some of the contestants. I'm sorry if it sounded like I was bashing. This probably one of my more honest posts. Its just my opinion on certain things. Not meant to be bad or anything. My general point was that no matter how good a contestant is, there is LOTS AND LOTS of room for improvement that EVERYONE needs and hopefully takes. Everyone has different strengths. Lucy for example is more of a diva style singer....Chantel as well...Danielle has more of a Disney/stage voice..etc....point being that everyone is amazing in their own way. Not to mention that these are only kids....and when they are older they are all just going to blow us away. Sorry if you were offended or anything, just don't take everything certain people (even me) may say to heart. Because the truth is, whatever one's opinion may be about these kids, one thing still remains---their talent just CANNOT be denied either way.

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    losers would kill the others... with this whole vocal thing

    danielle - pure and natural and yes she CAN dance! if you look at her shoes and her moves she was dancing a types of freakin' jazz to locomotion...my whole family is in this business my grandpa is a producer for Capitol records for heavens sake so i know this stuff or at least as far as recording companies delude themselves of knowing, danielle has an angel voice but its the purity, the way she hits her notes, and perfect pitch that set her apart and always will...even major superstars, divas, and recording artists have trouble with pitch and its amazing an 11 year old is that great at it! er power works against her but not everyone can have diva mariah carey power y'all gotta get that!

    jordan - has a quality in her voice that has been unmatched...not power quality nor the "value" you might say (her kay and the way she hits her notes) but listen to Put a Little Love in Your Heart, the quality,the sound, and the texture in her lower register were great and the girl can dance and is adorable! once she gets a few kinks worked out of her control and pitch she will be undeniable!

    morgan - everyone seems to pick on him especially his vocal gymnastica and his out of the wack dance moves but he moves well in the group performances which are really the most important performance because this is for a group!!! plus he does this in less then a week, michael jackson was not only a child prodigy but had more then a week to work on his choreography, his vocal gymnastics is to show you what he can do probably and he along with danielle as far as vocals go could do much more then just pop-star such as broadway, musicals, ect., ect.

    aj - i have never been a fan of AJ but everyone saying he is going through puberty? doubtful... he hasn't grown, muscled up, mustached (well he could shave that) but usually more stuff happens on the outside before the inside and voice change, especially growth, he doesn't have a very powerful voice he just is louder, being loud and having power are very different if i went and yelled off a building and mariah carey was doing a money note you can tell the difference, he has talent but he has to work at it; as far as this heart throb thing goes you must be realistic, he would have to be a heart throb compared to justin timberlake, justin guarini, JC chasez, ect., ect., since he will be in their business and being the heart throb of american juniors and of pop music is way different

    lucy - powerful vocals but it will happen just as it happened to kelly at the end of american idol, her voice will wear down, she probably never sang night and day and night and day in her life so it must be tearing away or will tear away but she is the power voice and the one with the most undeniable future

    chantel - has power, can be nasally, needs to take a little dance (you can tell her parents put vocal lessons way way way in front of dance lessons) but also is an amazing talent

    chauncey - he has a light voice! deal with it! its not nasally or whatever you say that is how his voice is naturally, and puberty may totally mess his voice up but for now he is great, do you really know how hard hey there lonely girl is to sing? it was sung totally differently and he made it his own and did it wonderfully too! the only song that was harder was Magic

    thompson sisters - tori is 9! she will grow and mature and so will her voice if anything she tecnically has the most power because i doubt even chantel or lucy had her power at nine (of course i may be wrong) taylor is making huge changes from daily life but will get used to it and does have a lot of talent that really is undetected in MHO

    katelyn - one of the most under-rated juniors! great voice but she is undeniably going through puberty due to her size and maturity and the fact that her voice changes almost every week in some way if you really listen, she does have great range and hit notes well but she needs to smooth out wrinkle but they all do plus she has the most marketable face!
    -------overall though the "losers" make the better group because of porprtion and over-all talent at the moment anyways though i might switch chantel with lucy

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    Totally agree.

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    I think both groups are missing a few things, so I'd rather make one larger group. All 10 would be a mess, but with a larger group than just 5, it's ok to have a person that doesn't have strong vocals or someone who lacks some dancing skills.

    In a group of 5, I think Lucy's dancing will stand out because she's clearly not as good as the others. In a group of 7 or 8, though, you're less likely to notice any mistakes or awkwardness in her dancing, and she wouldn't really stand out. I'll give her credit, though, because she's definitely gotten a lot better since the show started, and I'm sure she'll improve even more with some time and practice.

    Also, in a larger group, not everyone has to be a great singer or have a powerful voice. I think Jordan, especially, would fit in great with a big group. Usually, only 2 or 3 people in a group will sing the leads and everyone else will just sing the chorus.

    I'd never heard of S Club 8 until American Juniors started, but I downloaded their music videos to see the group that AJ was based off of. I noticed that Stacey, Frankie, and Calvin usually sing the leads, while Daisy, Rachelle, and Jay sing solos occasionally. However, I don't think I've ever heard Hannah or Aaron sing by themselves, so they're mostly there for backup and to make the group more complete.

    Anyway, with that said, I would keep the "winners" and add Morgan, AJ, and Jordan. Morgan, AJ, and Lucy all have powerful voices and could do leads in the fast songs (Morgan and AJ would also even out the boy:girl ratio). Danielle and Lucy would be great for ballads. Tori, Taylor, and Jordan are all pretty good singers, great dancers, and would add cuteness and spunk to the group. Now doesn't that sound like the perfect group?

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    Yes it would actually...But not to mention it would make an even BIGGER crying fest for those two that didn't make it...knowing that they could not fill 8 out of 10 spots. I think that would be more heartbreaking for a kid.

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    That's true...I was only thinking about the perfect group, not about what the other two might feel...

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