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Thread: Final Thoughts

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    Final Thoughts

    This thread is just a topic to talk about your feelings now that the show is over

    *I am happy danielle made it finally, she had the best voice.

    *This show threw a curve ball when Chantel made the top 3 every week but still never made it.

    *If you listin to "Sundown" by Chantel she breaths REALLY REALLY load before each line.(just listin to it)

    *Taylor was the tightest with the dance moves, but is never happy. Her sister though is full of personality

    *Chauncy should never of made it, the group would do better without him, because they can then market it as an all girl group.

    *The group is filled with misfits (one african american, one boy, age range from 9-13, 2 sisters)

    *I am really excited for their concert next week.

    *They seem to be taking an american idol aproch, with the top releasing a single and a compilation album, and the group with the single and an album.

    *A.J, Chantel, and Katelyn are the only ones who have a chance of going solo in the new furture.

    *I hope that there is another season of this but i doubt it hense they are going on tour all year and it will be too soon.

    Thats all, post your thoughts.........

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    I really glad Danielle made it and not Chantel and AJ

    Jordan needs to get into Comedy or get her solo career together cause she's got what it takes.

    I can't wait to see the group together next week

    I really wish people would stop raggin on Tori and Taylor and get over it.

    Despite what others say I think the group looks JUST FINE the way it is. So what if it's not typical. Sometimes typical isn't always the best.

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    my thoughts huh??
    yay for danielle, but honestly, i think aj fits the group better.

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    starry night
    *Congrats. to danielle she deserves it

    *the group looks kinda funny with one boy

    *it also looks funny with such a wide age range

    *but i am happy with the group

    *hopefully some of the others will go solo

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    Final thoughts?

    *Danielle deserved to make it in this week HANDS DOWN...however America noticed her talent WAY too late. She should have been voted in earlier now the group is slightly deformed.

    *I feel bad for Lucy and Chauncey. Lucy tried so hard and was so happy when she got in...so why does she look MISERABLE while she sings 'One Step Closer'. And poor Chauncey is going to have to live with 4 sisters all year long.

    *Chantel is good...but LISTEN to her SING people....she HARDLY sings on TUNE...why she's the designated 2nd place person? Remains a mystery.

    *If their music videos end up looking anything like the Sundown one with Chauncey, Tori, and Taylor...oh heaven HELP THEM ALL..

    *Out of all the boys, Morgan got the most robbed. Not voted once in the final three and definitely way more talented than AJ and Chauncey combined.

    *I'm a fan of Danielle and everything, but I think the question most people are still pondering is: How the hell did she jump over AJ and Chantel and win the final spot on her first entrance into the top three?

    *Jordan is the cutest little thing. They gave her the cheeziest songs and maybe if Gladys and Deborah gave her a break (she must have had the worst critiques out of all of them...even tho it was still sugar coated) she would have gotten more votes.

    *AJ is cute, but he's definitely not the best in this competition

    *I hope these kids set foot nowhere near London, singing "One Step Closer" unless they want crumpets thrown at them by S Club fans

    *I can't wait to see the results of this group and where they all are going to be when they get older/more polished

    *I just hope their hardwork and talent is worth the hassle/journey they are about to take

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    -I'm glad Danielle and Lucy made it in the final two weeks. They are definatly the top two talents in this competition.

    -This band would be a lot better if Morgan and AJ took the places of Chauncey and Tori.

    -The trip to Disneyland is an assurance that the losers wont be signed by 19E any time soon. Its not as much of a participants prize as it is a nice touch from the producers as a passage for the losers to get back to their normal lives. They have spent their entire summer competing and living in a completely alien world, and the trip will allow them a comfortable, stress free transition away from the show and back to normal living.

    -I'm curious to see how the group itself is handled. Will Tori be able to keep up? Will Chauncey develop consistency? How played out will Tori and Taylor's sister act be? Will everyone be happy? Will Chauncey be comfortable with four other girls?

    -The format of voting people into a group is worse in pretty much every way than voting one person off a week.

    -Mini skirts+kids=<b>BAD</b>

    -Crying kids should never be allowed on TV unless they are crying in happiness. This is the main reason why kids and reality tv don't mix.

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    Danielle's my absolute favorite, so I'm thrilled she finally got in, but now the group is in a weird situation. One boy, one power voice, one pure voice that gets lost in the group, and two sisters? Not a good mix, in my opinion.

    If I could do things my way, I'd add AJ, Morgan, and Jordan to the group and have an 8-member group. AJ and Morgan not only have a lot of talent and can sing and dance, but they'd also even out the boy-girl ratio. And although Jordan's not the best singer, she's a great dancer and would add a lot of personality to the group.

    I completely missed last night's show, so I'm desperate to get it, but from what I've heard, it was very sad and emotional. I don't think FOX handled the results show in the best way at all.

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    I forgot one thing:

    *Having Tiffany and Vanilla Ice guest judge would by far complete the best "80's has beens" come back list (with Debbie Gibson and Jordan Knight)
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    Having Tiffany and Vanilla Ice guest judge
    Tiffany and Deborah sitting next to each other? Now that would've boosted ratings!
    Congratulations Tori and Taylor!

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    My final thoughts...

    Danielle is my fav! i'm glad she made it!

    Taylor and Tori are good and deserves to be in it too.

    Lucy should go solo or sing in a girl band. I just don't want to see her in this band.

    Even I can sing better than Chuancy. Sorry. But I can be brutally honest just as Simon. He should've never even made it to the finals. I don't have any idea how he got voted in.

    Four great singers.

    One bad singer(Truly sorry, but being honest. I don't like to hear Chuancy sing. Great kid though.)

    One(Lucy)of those four great singers should go solo.

    Jordan should've made it.

    I wanted to it to be like this:

    Katelyn or Chantel or Lucy

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