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Thread: Final Thoughts

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    Final Thoughts-

    It's Over! The group is formed and I am happy for the little tikes.

    If they do another show, I hope it is along the lines of AI, it would be much better!

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    My first post and final thoughts...lol
    Before i continue i just wanna say i think all 10 are talented and each added something special to the show, but some are a lot better then others.
    *The shows format i think sucks but the show got what it wanted and that was ratings(which is all they care about)
    *I think it took america way too long to vote Danielle and Lucy into the group
    *I don't buy the voting because they are sisters and cute neither should have been in the group
    *Chauncey sounds like an 11 yr old girl who always has a cold
    *America surely missed the boat when not voting in a girl who has shown shes only going to keep getting better and better in Katelyn
    *If your a kid and you come across as being too cocky you'll never get any votes no matter how good you do(Morgan)
    *Tons of artists can't actually sing but because of studio magic their albums sound good.America should have looked at the 2 who have the best stage presence and charisma out of all of them that attract all the attention to themselves(Jordan & AJ although both can actually sing some)
    *Won't Miss Lets Bash Jordan Again(Gladys) be shocked when in 3 to 5 years from now when Jordan is actually the American Junior who has the best career going for her

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    my thoughts:
    *the group is pretty good the way it is
    *i wish that chantel made it in instead of lucy cuz chantel made it to the top 3 basically every week
    *i kinda wish the boy girl ratio was a bit different
    *i have a feeling that the group won't last that long =/
    *the judges shouldn't have focused so much on katelyn's beauty . . . . she came here to sing lol
    *i hated that they still did top 3 on the last results show
    *although danielle is a better singer than a.j. i sorta wished that he made it . . . . it looked better that way lol!

    and that's about it! but im over all satisfied with the show =)

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