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Thread: Final Thoughts

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    Brennan * Danielle * Kristinia * Grace * Chauncy


    AJ * Lucy * Katelyn * Julie * Morgan

    .....Two nicely balanced groups

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    [QUOTE=americanbabe]i was watching it and when lucy cried for A.J. did it seem to anyone else like she had a thing for him?[QUOTE]

    Lucy was crying for all of them they just happened to show her crying when they told AJ to go back.

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    she and AJ def. have a thing for each other as i thin danielle has for AJ

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    I think the band is ok how it is but I'd make a few minor alternations.

    First of all take Lucy out because she is to good for the band and stands out too much.

    Second, Replace Lucy with Morgan because he has an awesome voice and is the best dancer there. I think.

    Thirdly let there be six people and add A.J

    As for how is stands now,

    Katelyn go solo

    Jordin wait a few years.

    Chantel I don't know

    A.J and Morgan team up it would rock!

    Congratulations to the band!

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    CaNaDiAn FaN
    i agree with what Wid789456 said. ecspecially.......
    Quote Originally Posted by Wid789456
    And as for Chantel well he needs to discover a new talent because her singing sucks.
    so true

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    I still dont understand why morgan never made the top three, he was the most consistent out of everyone, he has a great voice and is an amazing dancer, i just dont get it. and why the hell didnt AJ get in the group, he would have brung balance to the group and given the group the "zing" it lost as soon as tori got "voted" in, but hey your the ones who voted that Bush guy for president, so i guess thats what we get. Well anyway Aj and morgan will move on to bigger and better things, so it doesnt really matter anymore. That is ALL.

    Later days,.........
    "Be confident in your abilities, be true to your beliefs, work hard for your benefit, accept your responsibilities, and never settle on being average."

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    Jordan Morgan and Katelyn diserve more credit I feel sorry for them they were always like the back ups of the whole group I just dont like how they never made it to the top 3 they deserve more credit!!!!

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    My Final thoughts:

    *This is what happen to put two sisters that the nation picked as to send in the group. the real competition for the spots came in the 3rd episode/week.

    *Chauncey is probably very unique with his voice, and sounded great and after hearing him in the "One Step Closer" performance, he sounded very fitting in.

    *Danielle White's performances "Daydream Believer" and "Never had a Dream Come True" were probably one of the best performances of the show.

    *Katelyn should of been in the group, if some of the voting public would of voted on fairness instead of voting two sisters because of the relationship, and a "ka-"wink"-e-dant" two members.

    *What happened to Morgan, got alot of exposure in the beginning, and now they just reject him like trash

    *A.J. Melendez best performance was actually "Alive". All the other performances, I couldn't stand to even hear a couple seconds. A.J. is probably one of the worst finalist in American Juniors I heard. And when it comes to cuteness, they voted him in.

    *Chantel Kohl, of course noticed with her singing in the first episodes and her father crying. Oh sorry, but I don't see too much talent. Oh boo-woo, but 4/5 performances she just ruined it. Espeically "Brass and Pocket" and "You Make me so Happy". Too much exposure will get her the votes.....tisk....tisk....tisk .

    *Lucy is one of the best performers in the Series of the show, and her strong voice, would help the group, and the group sounded so great with her.

    *Jordan is probably the weakest on projecting voice, but still had a chance if she projected better.

    *The Thompson sisters, just got too much exposure, and got a the sympathy vote.....simple and clear.

    My group would of been:

    1. Danielle
    2. Lucy
    3. Chauncey
    4. Katelyn
    5. Morgan

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    Quote Originally Posted by showbizkidz
    Brennan * Danielle * Kristinia * Grace * Chauncy


    AJ * Lucy * Katelyn * Julie * Morgan

    .....Two nicely balanced groups
    that first group would sound funky because they all have really soft voices

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    Quote Originally Posted by CanyonsSis
    that first group would sound funky because they all have really soft voices
    Yes, also Lucy and Danielle are already in a group. So a next more realistic, nicely balanced group, that would be very marketable would be:

    AJ * Julie * Kristinia * Katelyn * Morgan

    Same ages, same height /superb voices/ good ethnic mix/ the correct boy-girl ratio...a great little band!

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