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Thread: Final Thoughts

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    -i'm happy Danielle got in

    -i wish AJ got in the group

    -the groups looks weird with 1 boy and 4 girls

    -Chauncy does not look right in the group and sounds like he has a cold everyday

    -I feel sorry for Lucy because she wanted AJ in ( they obviously have a thing for each other)

    -i can't wait for their special next week

    -i hope the other 5 don't give up

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    -happy the people are from at least 3 different state (TN,CA and FL)
    -so happy Danielle made it her last performance was by far the best
    -the group looks good together
    -all the members are very dedicated singers
    -Jordan should be an actor
    -Morgan should go into broadway

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    Okay lets make it clear that the finalist are not to be called losers thats just mean rude and wrong there also very talented and they deserve the same respect as the winners so lets cut that unfairness out!

    *As for danielle congradulations she deserved it, even though I think Aj should of taken her place but its okay.

    *Katelyn should go solo in the near future with Morgan and Aj because there also very talented and have fame written all over them and I would buy one of there cds. So best iof luck!

    *And Jordan I adore her,I hope she will have a good future as well. And as for Chantel well he needs to discover a new talent because her singing sucks.

    *And as for the group good luck and I cant wait to see you together next week!

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    hey guys...i used to be danielleroxx, but it won't let me go to any of the pages anymore, so now i'm daniellerocks! lol.

    My final thoughts:

    Like most of you guys, I'm also happy Danielle got it. She deserved it all along, but no one saw it until the end.

    I don't like how they did the voting, because I know that if Taylor hadn't gotten in the first week, Tori wouldn't have gotten in the 2nd week, and that was REALLY unfair to all of the others. I also know that if America had known that there would only be one boy at the end, Chauncey wouldn't have been that boy. The whole 1 boy/4 girls thing MIGHT've worked with AJ or Morgan, but I'm not sure how it'll go with Chauncey.

    I, unlike a lot of ppl here, will be following this group. I'm not sure how successful they'll be, but i'm rooting for them!

    i think it would've been a better group if they had more ppl, thus allowing more of a mix of ppl. If AJ and Morgan were in the group, it would be more balanced with the girl/guy thing, and I know Jordan would've been great. I know her voice isn't that strong, but she's in a group, and her voice as an individual wouldn't really matter. She's an excellent performer, tho, and I applaud her for that. Katelyn...I think she'll be amazing in 5 years. I think she'll be incredibly successful, even tho she didn't make it into the group. I think she just needs a little more work, and even tho i think she's a better singer than Jordan, she doesn't have the performance ability Jordan has. Chantel...last, and IMO, least. She's always seemed snobby to me, like this whole thing has gone straight to her head, with her over-confident smile all last night, and her cocky remarks in her interview. I don't think she's a good singer, either, so she can just go home to wherever she's from and stay there. Sorry to be harsh/rude, but that's how I feel.

    The group didn't turn out how I expected it to, and that's why I think the voting should've been different. I think they should've voted all at once.

    I really g2g. Just wanted to put my thoughts here!!


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    I didn't like the way they were voted in either. I think they should of all been voted in at the same time that way the show would of been more intresting and I didn't expect to see Lucy or Chauncey in the group to me it sounded more like Aj and Katelyn but whats done, whats done!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GroovyMe
    Final thoughts?

    *Danielle deserved to make it in this week HANDS DOWN...however America noticed her talent WAY too late. She should have been voted in earlier now the group is slightly deformed.

    *I feel bad for Lucy and Chauncey. Lucy tried so hard and was so happy when she got in...so why does she look MISERABLE while she sings 'One Step Closer'. And poor Chauncey is going to have to live with 4 sisters all year long.

    *Chantel is good...but LISTEN to her SING people....she HARDLY sings on TUNE...why she's the designated 2nd place person? Remains a mystery.

    *If their music videos end up looking anything like the Sundown one with Chauncey, Tori, and Taylor...oh heaven HELP THEM ALL..

    *Out of all the boys, Morgan got the most robbed. Not voted once in the final three and definitely way more talented than AJ and Chauncey combined.

    *I'm a fan of Danielle and everything, but I think the question most people are still pondering is: How the hell did she jump over AJ and Chantel and win the final spot on her first entrance into the top three?

    *Jordan is the cutest little thing. They gave her the cheeziest songs and maybe if Gladys and Deborah gave her a break (she must have had the worst critiques out of all of them...even tho it was still sugar coated) she would have gotten more votes.

    *AJ is cute, but he's definitely not the best in this competition

    *I hope these kids set foot nowhere near London, singing "One Step Closer" unless they want crumpets thrown at them by S Club fans

    *I can't wait to see the results of this group and where they all are going to be when they get older/more polished

    *I just hope their hardwork and talent is worth the hassle/journey they are about to take
    I pretty much agree with that.

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    The show isn't over until after next week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zippy
    The show isn't over until after next week.
    But do we get to see all 10 contistants together again next week?

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    Here are my thought:
    *I was happy Danielle got voted in...Although she should've been voted in within the first 3 weeks, I enjoyed every one of her performances.

    *It was cruel that FOX did a Top 3 and allowed emotions to get the best of the kids who didn't get in. Personally, I felt like turning off the tv when Jordan was crying. It was so terrible. I just wanted to fly to CA and give her a big hug because she didn't deserve that.

    *I feel bad for Chantel. I am not a Chantel fan but finishing 2nd four times has got to suck. Every week she finished 2nd, she was first in votes the following. However, she never had the knockout performances that Chauncey, Lucy, and Danielle had.

    * Sorry Tori, but someone else would fit better in the group than you. And Chauncey, I thought you were better than what you showed last night. So, I think America made 2 mistakes. Taylor seems to be underrated on this message board because she has shown she can sing. I didn't like her at first but she seems to do well with the group.

    *I hope the group does well. Unfortunately, I don't see it lasting very long. Reason #1, Lucy has no one really to hang out with...Danielle would be the closest to her. #2, Chauncey is the only boy and although he has 2 "beautiful" sisters, he won't last. #3, Tori will have a meltdown or will get fatigued. And #4, the age difference. BUT, that doesn't mean I wouldn't want the group to succeed. After all, I will buy their CD because of Danielle!

    *I feel bad for Morgan...He never grew on me but he really tried. I felt bad when I saw his father at the results show. He deserved to be in the Top 3 at least once.

    *Jordan should've been given better comments. The judges ruined her.

    *AJ would have been a good fit. However, the cute face and "I am going to bust it up" turns me off. Sorry kiddo, but I feel you are too young for that girl-crazy stuff.

    * Katelyn is only a pretty face. But I commend you for improving your voice.

    *lastly, FOX should feel bad for what they did for the kids who didn't make it. "You are going to Disneyland and Las Vegas if you don't make it!" Whoopdy doo. No vacation will make up for what they did to Jordan...(I know, I brought this up before)...she didn't deserve to be told like that. JMO.

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    what u sed about jordan is so tru...

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