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Thread: Never Had A Dream Come True Would've Worked Better W/ Lucy & Danielle

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    Quote Originally Posted by gth617
    I just think it's grossly unfair to judge an 11-year-old girl's live performance against a professionally produced studio recording by a more mature singer!
    I've got to agree, I like Danielle's performance better, it might not be better vocally, but as others have said hers was more soulful, she put emotion to it. IMO, technique is important, but to me, songs aren't just about that, if they were songs would be really boring, because they wouldn't mean anything.
    Yeah, that post didn't make any sense, none of mine ever do, lol.

    I still agree it would've worked better with Danielle and Lucy though, but they couldn't do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by danielleroxx
    Chantel singing Never Had a Dream Come True???? Um...no. IMO, that would NOT have worked. Personally, I think Danielle did a WONDERFUL job on that song--I missed Tuesday night's show, so I didn't get to see her, but I downloaded the song and it's AMAZING. I don't know what you can find wrong with it...sometimes you (as in, you in general) need to step back and just listen to the song...stop trying to find stuff wrong with it!!
    Who knows...if Danielle gets in the group they may have Lucy do it with her, but Tuesday was her time to shine as a soloist, and I think she did it beautifully.
    So. Enjoy the music. It is what it is.
    With a hug and a kiss I'm out like this,

    i soooo aggree wit u

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