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Thread: Soon-To-Be Spoilers

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    Soon-To-Be Spoilers

    You know how this week is gonna be another one of those weeks where spoilers get out. Now, I have one thing I'm hoping you all will do for me. Unless it's the spoiler thread, don't post anytning about who you heard got in in ANY OTHER THREAD. For example, last time, in a thread entitled, "Who will be the next one in"... this was after Tori supposively got in, the thread stated, "Assuming Tori already got in......", PLEASE DON'T POST ANYTHING LIKE THAT IN ANY TYPES OF THREADS UNLESS THEY ARE THE SPOILER THREAD. It ruins it for those of us who don't want to know who got in, especcially me. Now, I was just simply browsing through the threads this Wednesday or something, and was reading a thread like the one above, and the spoilers are listed in it! you said who got it in a thread not about the spolilers. I hope you can get what I'm saying. I don't want to hear anything about who you thought got in unless it's the spoiler thread, because usually it happens appearing in other threads, and I would appreciate that NOT happening this time. Thanks!


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    The spoilers I read on here were wrong last week.
    English side... ruined! Must use French directions. Le Grille?! What the hell is that?!

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    you KNOW it's either AJ (hopefully) or Chantel (blech).

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    Swirly Sue
    I hope it's not A.J. If there has to be another boy I hope it's Morgan. Even though he might not have a chance.

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