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    I went back to the Official American Juniors website today and watched all of the videos over again. Out of the interviews, who do you think look like the nicest kids? Out of the semi-finalists, Lauren and Tyler probably had the best personalities (at least from the small clips we're priveledged enought o see, ha) followed by Canyon, Julie, and Grace. Out of the top 10, Jordan, Lucy, Danielle, and Katelyn all seemed really sweet, and Chauncey and Morgan seemed cool too. What do you guys think?

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    Good thread. I never looked at the interviews before you posted this.

    Man, 19E messed up major by not showing any backstage footage or interviews or anything with the kids & their parents. It would have allowed the viewers to connect with the contestants and probably would have improved their ratings. The interviews actually made me like all the kids a lot better.

    The interviews I liked best:

    I liked the questions when Taylor said she wants to be a singing and dancing veterinarian when she grows up. I bet a lot of people would like to see that!

    I liked when Chauncey said nothing on the show was like what he thought it would be from watching the other shows on TV.

    I thought Morgan was very cute and his mom seemed very nice.

    Katelyn and Jordan sounded like the most down-to-earth and least rehearsed of all the children.

    AJ & his Dad were cute. AJ's Dad sounds just like Ricky Ricardo--hee.

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    Haha, thatnks for responding. I agree about Jordan and Katelyn, they seemed like real kids.

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    taylor seemed nice to me and sweet cause the way she said that she likes to perform with her sister 'cause a little bit of my friends wouldnt want to perform with their sister and followed by taylor is morgan i like the way he loves his mom im not saying he's a mommas boy but he reminds me of how i am with my mom 'cause if one of your parents pass away your going to wish that you could have spent more time with like your parent that's why i think he's tight

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    I havent watched the fox videos in a while but after seeing Chaunceys aol video, he sounds like the nicest kid ever.

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