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Thread: Two Junior Bands?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katelyn&Carmen
    LOL the thing is, Justin doesn't have any success. Clay's talent miles ahead of Justin's IMO.

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    All My Luv 2 AJ
    I guess they could have two groups kinda like a "A" team and "B" team in sports but I dont think fox will give them the record deal. If the other five who didnt make it get together and make a group then its a whole other story. (Which I kinda hope they do) But I know for sure Fox isnt going to give them one

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    At this point I don't think 19E wants even one Junior group, much less two. They clearly want to make this mess a memory as fast as they can.

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    The idea of 2 groups could possibly work...all the kids are pretty talented, granted there are some that are more talented than others...however, if 2 groups were made 19 could possibly gain more profit because certain fans would be able to see their favorite in a group regardless...plus Danielle deserves to win

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    To be honest, whether it be AJ or Chantal being the fifth member, I'd rather see the 5 that didn't make it in concert.

    Kateylin, Jordan, Danielle, Morgan, and AJ or Chantal would make a much better performance group. Only if we could turn back time and do it all over again.

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