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Thread: Are Ages Hurting the Group?

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    Anyone remember the kid group Another Bad Creation that came out in the early '90s? They had six members, all of varying ages and heights...and they had a couple hits in "Playground" and "Iesha." They had a young kid as short as Tori and a older kid as tall as Lucy...and they made it work somehow. Obviously this won't be the same type of group, but there is precedent for a kid group with varying heights/ages. I'm embarassed I remember this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by stlouischili
    I don't think the problem will be only height. The problem also has to do with maturity and the types of songs, videos, etc. that are suitable for kids of different of ages.
    I agree fully, height shouldn't be a problem because their are many groups out with people of different sizes and hieghts in them, but the real problem will be in the types of songs and stuff they sing and what age group they want to market the group to. It would look wierd and very embarassing for Lucy and AJ to be singing about some Barney/Sesame Street type stuff, just it would look wierd for the sisters and lil chauncey to be singing about young teen issues and stuff like that. They have a fairly large age gap to fill, and anything then that will cause the group's downfall.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zippy
    When he set the age limit at 6-13 yrs, he wasn't thinking about which ages would fit together the best in a musical group, he was thinking about which ages would make for the most interesting television.

    6 years old...what was he thinking? i can't begin to imagine how that would be...a 6 year old voice and a 13 year old voice together. not to mention how in the world a parent would let their child go that far

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    Well its ok to have a 7 year diffrence if they were a little older but when theyre 6 and 13 and they look and sound tottaly diffrent, thats a diffrent story. Nick Carter is 6 years younger than that big tall ugly guy from the Backstreet boys.

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