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Thread: Sundown thoughts

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    I wasn't a big fan of this music video. I even liked the cheeseburger commercial better (and that's saying a lot because I thought that was pretty lame). So far I've liked the one with just Tori and Taylor in it the best.

    The only thing I can say after reviewing it is in my humble opinion, you can definitely see who has the most talent in the Sundown video. Tori stands out to me by far. She seems to hit the moves more naturally and she has more charisma and camera appeal (she seems to know how to work it). In the little solos right near the end (where they all sing one single line, and they show they by themselves), Tori definitely outshines the other two.

    I have to say...I was a little disappointed in Chauncey in the video. But maybe he just needs a bit more time to work on it. We'll see.

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    The funniest part was when out of no where towards the end of the song Chauncy has his "sun doooowwwwwwn" solo and he's moving all goofy lol. Why wont they just let the kids sing. I hate electronic voices. They might as well add Hillary Duff to the group if theyre doing this electronic crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katelyn&Carmen
    They might as well add Hillary Duff to the group if theyre doing this electronic crap.

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    All My Luv 2 AJ
    I didnt like it that much. They were obviously lip sinking it and you couldnt hear their voices very well. They mixed all of them so when one had a solo youheard all the voices it was strange and I didnt like it. If these kids won their spots because they had good voices then why cant we hear them?

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    I thought they sounded way too electronic. But their voices meshed well together. I could hear Chauncy easily!

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    IMO Taylor looks the most natural doing the dance steps, and looks the least lip-synch-y. I thought Chauncey didn't do very well, but it is his first "music video." That being said it was Taylor's third, which is why she probably seemed the most comfortable.
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    yeah really, if they're such good singers why do they not sound like they did on the show at all.

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    I think they would have sounded a lot better is the "techno" music had been toned down a little. Then you could actually hear their voices!

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