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Thread: Depending on the last member, will they...

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    Quote Originally Posted by superfly
    being with 4 girls all day might be fun for a few days, but then they'll start getting annoying and you'll want a male bud. i dunno how old you are but being 18, my topics of conversation with girls and guys are usually quite different. for instance, i'd much rather talk about football or girls with a guy than a girl. although there are girls that you can talk about such things to, most won't be into it.

    i'll give an example pertaining to the possible group. chancey's not gonna go up to taylor and say something like "check out that ass on lucy today" whereas he could easily go up to someone like morgan or aj and say that. obviously this is a stretch but i think my point got across.

    that said, i don't like either chantel or aj.
    Thats true the 4 girl and 1 boy thing is a little dum but my question is how did Chauncey make it in threw in the first place,I would replace him with Morgan!!

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    I don't think they'd add someone just because of gender either. I think with the current 4, Taylor, Tori, Chauncey sound like they'd be just back-up singers for Lucy, since they sound so similar, and not as strong as her. That would end up a pretty weird group, IMO, so they might try to even out the way the voices sound together with one more person.

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    hahaha Thinking of Chauncey checking out Lucy is hilarious. I really don't think he would care being with all girls. He seems like the type of guy who would get all along with anyone and I bet he'd like the attention from them all.

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    Well am a guy and I think he would mind being with 4 girls because hes gonna get lonely and want more male bonding some one to talk to about diffrent topics,sports and just diffrent things that he wouldn't be able to share with the girls well thats what I think. But then again thats my opinion!

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    But then again I surely wouldn't mind being stuck with Lucy and I dont think he would either!

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    man i dont see the big deal about this male bondage. so are you guys saying that you guys are going to vote for aj just so chauncey can have a male companion to talk to? if you are then thats just sad.

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    CaNaDiAn FaN
    Quote Originally Posted by OnlyHope
    so are you guys saying that you guys are going to vote for aj just so chauncey can have a male companion to talk to? if you are then thats just sad.

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    We need another boy so that the group looks right and so that the group could be popular that said AJ has a lot of girls that are daydreaming about him and these are the girls that will buy the CD's and go to the concerts so the smart thing is to vote AJ in.

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    whenever did the competition was all about gender? it never did. it was about performace. i dont get it why everybody is complaining about a 4 girl 1 boy band. as long as the music is great then im going to be buying their cds and stuff.

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    Its about the look of the group. a group with 4 girls and 1 lil chauncey, NO much. Plus AJ deserves to get in because he has a great voice, good looks, and a nice personality. Thats why im voting for him, not so chauncey will have a friend, thats just retarded.
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