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Thread: Who Do You Think Are Good Friends?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OnlyHope
    think again. the episode where lucy made it, lucy and chauntel were next to each other. but then again, the way that ryan went was weird.

    the lay out was like this

    1. Jordan McCoy 2. Aj Melendez 3. Morgran Burke
    4. Lucy Hale 5. Chantel Kohl 6. Danielle White 7. Katelyn Tarver

    ryan went to 1,2,3 then to 7, then to 4. isnt that quite an odd direction? i thought he was going from 7 to 6 but he went from 7 to 4. so i guess that they have assigned seats.
    thats true.. i meant to say something about that too lol. that was wierd but i think that was just as an element of surprise - i know i was shocked! as soon i saw where they were sitting i figured that after only aj was chosen from the top row that the 2nd spot would be between danielle and katelyn and the 3rd spot would be between lucy and chantel. those evil people! lol

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    i know for a fact that Jordan, Taylor and Tori are very close and hang out alot of the set. That is way Taylor and Tori want Jordan in the group so bad, so vote for Jordan she rocks

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    Quote Originally Posted by PuReSunShiNe925
    On an AOL video, Lucy said that she had grown closest to Chantel during the whole process.
    can i please see that video?

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    I think tori and talyor plus lucy would make a great friend!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GroveingIt
    Did you really see them?
    Sorry for the late reply Groveingit. Yes it was definately them and before I saw them I had always thought of Danielle as kind of reserved and quiet but she seems like a very lively and likeable kid.
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    I happen to KNOW that Morgan's best friend there is AJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OnlyHope
    can i please see that video?
    AOL took it down; it was during semifinals. Now, there's a Chauncey video up. Next week, they're going to put a Lucy video up (every week it's the winner who gets interviewed).

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    Aj & clay baby
    I know that AJ and Morgan r best friends also and AJ is like a big brother to Tori!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aj & clay baby
    I know that AJ and Morgan r best friends also and AJ is like a big brother to Tori!!
    How'd you find that out? That's so cute!

    I also think A.J. and Danielle might be close, they're always together ii group pictures and such.

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    as has been mentioned all the kids live in a hotel in beverly hills. surprisingly they all get along very well. it reminds me of a big summer camp environment. swimming, group viewing of the shows on a big screen tv, and pillow fights in each others rooms to name a few of the things that come to mind. as an adult i am impressed to see that there is not much jealousy, envy, etc among the kids they seem to be genuinely happy for the person that makes it each week. maybe as they get older they will learn those characteristics. as for who is the best friends, they tend to hang out together based on age, but not exclusively.

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