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Thread: The American Junior Hoax

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    The American Junior Hoax

    This show is amazing. Ya know i started off liking the show but geez. Like Chantel in the beginning she was on the mark singing those "powerhouse diva ballads" as deb gibson put it and sounded good. Well i guess if u rehearse over and over and over again u'll finally get it right because week by week she gets progressively worse and her outfits get more scandelous as well. And as she is declining to desolate territory only the likes of Jordan has seen (cuz i still question how she made it in the top ten i still think if kristinia debarge was in group B she would have taken Jordan's place. that group had like no talent except lucy) this entire series Katelyn the girl who everyone said should model (i'm assuming cuz she sucked at the beginning) has progressively gotten better. i'm sure if chantel's dad could be voted in we would just so we never had to see this grown man cry like a pansie.

    America was duped into believing the "thompson twin hype" only to realize that there are more talented ppl on the couch but hey fox knew what they were doing when they pushed these girls in the top 20 and putttin them in the same group. Great gimmick and they wanted them in and knew that they would get in as long as they kept them together cuz who wants to separate the sisters as one gets in and the other doesnt. Fox got America on that one.

    Then poor morgan. At the very beginning they defintely made sure to show american how "polished and rehearsed" the boy was and the judges never failed to mention it. And the his "resume" surfaced and we thought "how does a 12 year old have a resume that deep and make it on this show for amaturs"? well i too fell for it but along with only the likes of lucy he has given solid performances every week but because American "got the dirt" and decided he was "too good" for the group when actually he deserves to be in the group and every week this talented and deserving kid realizes his dream shattered cuz of the likes of "britney and jamie lynn spears incarnate".

    ohh our hearthrob ohh aj this and aj that. i'm sorry but the kid to me is about as average as average comes and i dont think he has never had a spectacular performance. umm i mean he can sing and dance but not enough for me to shout for joy and say lets vote him in. but because chantel has just tweeked my every nerve i pray him or someone gets in to save me the heartache of hearing her and seein her perform cuz she makes me cry and not for good reasons.

    umm danielle. ohh yes everyon'e fav lil miss danielle the girl everyone seems to love but never and i mean NEVER has made it to the top three. and y is that. well her voice for one thing can never fit in a group. she should either go solo or make disney and broadway songs cuz umm this "pure" voice is annoying. she has one pitch and sings one style. is that group material no.

    and chauncey. my man chauncey. now i'm thinking when he first made the top three after his GREAT performance the PRODUCERS who fell in love with him had to find a way to make sure he got in cuz it think he was the best chance for a guy to get in the group so they promoted it but how do u ask. well lets see ryan pronounces his name rubenisque CHAUN-CEY Matthews. Last week he wore a suit with matchin boots and had "magic" glitter in his pocket. umm the boy got a slipt screen. Come on even though he was sick FoX WAS going to make sure "lil man" got in and by golly gee wiz he did"

    and finally the only one really who american knows is truly talented and more than likely in years to come will go solo . . . yes our miss lucy. i am glad she made the group on some level cuz i'm sure after coming all this way that she would want to make it but face it the girl is SO much better than this rag-tag bunch of tikes and she should be setting her goals higher cuz she is defintely too good for this group. I hope from all of this we see great things from her.

    So yes this is the american junior story and i have had my fill. i'm sure one day i'll find jordan behind the counter of some joint sayin to aj "would u like fries with that" and on the corner of that joint with magazine in hand of katelyn on the cover is our dear "sophisticated" chantel wearing yet another barely there outfit "singing" for her customers. all of this happening while lucy, morgan and danielle are making records and pursuing goals and chauncey is still singing at church workin on that gospel album with mom and everyone asking "what are they now . . . the thompson twins . . . behind the music special . . . was it mom who really wanted their fame??!

    Happy Readings

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    The first 2 times you posted this, I merged it in with the Show Discussion thread. Please stop starting new threads with this same post.

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