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Thread: Do you think it would be better or the judges to pick the winners??

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    Quote Originally Posted by l2hdd
    On the subject of judges; with AI, Paula, Randy & Simon go to the auditions. I don't recall seeing Deborah or Gladys at the AJ auditions. I don't remember seeing any judges at the auditions. Did they show any?

    Here is my question: Do you think the judges attending the auditions is a good thing or are they better off only seeing the finalists? I figure they probably have their favorites based on auditions so maybe their comments are not as "fair" as they could be if they did not see all of the auditions. Then again, the AJ judges haven't exactly been the most consistent in their comments to the juniors so maybe seeing the auditions wouldn't have influenced them anyway???
    The judges weren't hired until about a week or so before the show started. They should and would have been at the auditions had they been hired before. It's their opinions that are shaping the group and voting process, and whether we like it or not, 19E has given them the authority.

    The fact that the judges weren't hired before the auditions was just poor planning on 19E's part. If I remember correctly, 19E was hoping that Paula Abdul would be a judge on this show, but she was busy with AI while the AJ auditions were taking place. When Paula somehow decided that she had better things to do, that left the producers scrambling for a Plan B.

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    They already are picking the winners.

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