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Thread: 7/30 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Don't even wonder...it's AJ next week

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    LOL>>> well it just dont get any dumber...why on earth should we care who could or would be Lucy's buddy in the group??? How about poor chancey ...who he play with?? LOL???

    I think we need to remember that this is a group to record hopefully a cd, maybe star in a video, some after school specials, or kids show or specials ...who knows?? They need to get kids with good voices, kids whose voices can blend well...this is not a guest list for a birthday party...hellllloo????

    JMO>>> it is really between AJ and Chantel....and where the fans of lucy and the others vote..also...IF they let us know if there is a top 3 or not....if NO top 3, some of morgan/jordan/katelyn fans may decide to make their vote finally count and choose between the other 3...

    MY guess?? aj...JMO

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    Lucy Hale in the group?

    I never saw her ever making it to the group. I heard she had a tremendous performance the other night but in the long run do you think she looks good in the group? AJ has to be the next in the group cause having 1 guy in the group is really dumb. Chantel Kohl deserves something! Maybe there is a twist (the remaining 5 get a record contract too!! lol)

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    actually ive always liked her and i think she really deserved to be in it. I don't think it matters if she "looks good in the group". She has a wonderful voice so thats good enough for me. I really don't think it matters all that much if shes older than the other people or if theres only one guy. It's not like the group is gonna be around forever anyway but thats just my opinion.

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    I think with her in the group, she might stand out becasue her voice is stronger then most of the others.

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    The way I see it is she could go solo and have a much better career. If A.J gets the final spot like i think he will, shes gunna stand out alot in the group not only her voice, but its gunna be her and a bunch of kids.

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    Next week I am voting for Jordan! She was great in the group song this week and she would be fun to have in the group

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    Between the Stare and the lousy dancing skills she's gonna stand out all right.

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    Who cares if Lucy stands out. I think she has an awesome voice and really will be just fine. I guess will we have to wait until that stupid little "video" thing they have every week to see how well Lucy does fit in. The group songs always sounded fine. They all pretty much blend together. I mean is really anyone going to listen to this group anyway?? I think it's a good start for Lucy and then later maybe she will go solo.. . I don't know, and right now I'm done with American Juniors all together. Plus aren't they dragging this thing out for like another three weeks??

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