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Thread: How would you make it fair?

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    Quote Originally Posted by superfly
    both justin and kelly singing the same songs was pretty boring, but it did make it quite clear who was the better singer.
    I don't think it was necessary for them both to sing the same song to figure out who was the better singer. Everyone with a ear knew that Kelly was a better singer. Justin just wasn't suited for a sappy pop ballad like "A Moment Like This"- what's the point of making him sing it when you know he could never pull it off in the first place? At least let him go out there, pick a song that he's comfortable with, and give him an opportunity to shine. Forcing him to sing "A Moment Like This" didn't give Justin a fighting chance and was basically like rigging the competition in Kelly's favor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dani321

    But I agree--no themes would be wonderful. I do think they need restrictions, true to my gripe, because some songs children just don't need to be singing.
    Good point. There should be restrictions on inappropriate lyrics. Whoever is clearing these songs must not be looking at the lyrics.

    As long as the lyrics are appropriate, I say let the kids sing whatever they want. Too many of them seemed uncomfortable with their songs the past couple weeks and it's killing the competition IMO.

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