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Thread: the BEST of the BEST

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    the BEST of the BEST

    name which song for each contestant was their personal best.
    here are mine:

    Taylor Thompson: Proud Mary
    Tori Thompson: Love the One You're With
    Chauncey Matthews: Hey There Lonely Girl
    AJ Melendez: Isn't She Lovely
    Danielle White: Good Morning Starshine
    Lucy Hale: Call Me
    Morgan Burke: Can't Help Falling in Love
    Chantel Kohl: Stony End
    Jordan McCoy: Stupid Cupid
    Katelyn Tarver: Tell Him

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    These aren't my FAVORITES but they are the best that each contestant has done IMO

    A.J. Isn't She Lovely
    Chauncey Hey There, Lonely Girl
    Chantel You Make Me So Very Happy
    Danielle Daydream Believer
    Jordan Stupid Cupid
    Katelyn On The Radio
    Morgan Can't Help Falling In Love

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    these in my opinion, are the best performances of the contestants so far..

    Taylor Thompson: Proud Mary
    Tori Thompson: let er rip
    Chauncey Matthews: Hey There Lonely Girl
    AJ Melendez: a night has a thousand eyes(im not sure about this 1)
    Danielle White: colors of the wind
    Lucy Hale: breaking up is hard to do
    Morgan Burke: rock with you
    Chantel Kohl: you make me so very happy
    Jordan McCoy: i love you more today than yesterday
    Katelyn Tarver: Tell Him

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    Morgan Burke: I don't know...
    Lucy Hale: Get Here
    Chantel Kohl: Power of Love (Audition) and Open Arms
    Chauncey Matthews: Hey There Lonely Girl (I don't like any, really)
    Jordan McCoy: Stupid Cupid
    A.J. Melendez: Isn't she Lovely?
    Katelyn Tarver: Tell him
    Taylor Thompson: Proud Mary (only two performances; 3 with auditions)
    Tori Thompson: Let 'Er Rip
    Danielle White: Colors of the Wind

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    this topic has been done like at least 3 times already...

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    ok so since i left out like... 4 people on my last response.. im starting over lol

    A.J. Melendez - Isn't She Lovely
    Chantel Kohl - You Make Me So Very Happy
    Chauncey Matthews - Hey There, Lonely Girl
    Danielle White - Daydream Believer/Good Morning Starshine
    Jordan McCoy - Stupid Cupid
    Katelyn Tarver - On the Radio
    Lucy Hale - Call Me
    Morgan Burke - Can't Help Falling In Love
    Taylor Thompson - Proud Mary
    Tori Thompson - Let 'Er Rip

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    Here's my list:

    Morgan: Build Me Up Buttercup
    Katelyn: On The Radio
    Tori: Let 'Er Rip
    Taylor: Proud Mary
    AJ: Isn't She Lovely
    Danielle: Good Morning Starshine
    Jordan McCoy: Love You More Today...
    Chauncey: the one he made the group with
    Chantel: You Make Me So Very Happy
    Lucy: Call Me

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    Lucy- I loved everyone of her performances but my fav.'s WERE:
    Call Me -&- Breaking up is Hard to Do

    Morgan- Why do fools fall in Love

    Danielle- Colors of the wind

    Katelyn- Aint no mountain high enough

    Jordan- ABC

    Chauncey- Moon River

    Tori- Let Er Rip

    Taylor- Proud Mary

    Chantel- Open Arms

    A.J.- Still

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    Swirly Sue
    Taylor Thompson-Proud Mary
    Tori Thompson-Bad Moon Rising
    Lucy Hale-I'm going to make you love me
    Morgan Burke- Build me up Buttercup
    Katelyn Tarver- "Tell Him"
    Chantel Kohl- "You make me so very happy"

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    Lucy Hale is the best singer on the show and every one of her performances were hella sick but her best was call me it was the song that she got voted through on and it was her best

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