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Thread: All those song choice rumours answered HERE!

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    Pretty much sums it up!


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    In order for her words to be validated, he must he a signed release from Danielle, and considering she's a minor, her parents as well. Otherwise, she can deny anything he wrote, whether she said it or not. If this comes down to a public issue between Fox, the paper, and the Whites, that release will be asked for. If he doesn't have it, he's in a lot of trouble. And if he does, then it might just go the other way.
    Yes, people sometimes do deny prior statements to the press. But if there was distortion, misrepresentation or falsifying of quotes or anything of that nature in this story, the Whites could make it an issue. And that hasn't seemed to have happened.

    And no, to have a valid story a reporter doesn't need a signed release testifying to the honesty of quotes from a minor or anyone else. That's never going to be the case, even with a NY Times scandal.

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