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Thread: Rank Last Weeks Performances

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    Lucy Hale had the best performance last week IMO.

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    I beg to differ, Morgan had the best performance last week.(minus all the faces he made). Even though AJ is my favorite, I admit Morgan is more talented but i dont want him in the group.
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    I can never compare Lucy to the rest. She's not my top pick, but there's no competition. She's on a whole different playing field than the others. So I'm leaving her out of my rankings...

    1. Katelyn Tarver- Tell Him
    2. Danielle White- The Locomotion
    3. Chauncey Matthews- Moon River
    4. Morgan Burke- Can't Help Falling In Love With You
    5. A.J. Melendez- The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
    6. Jordan McCoy- Sealed With a Kiss (I'm a big Jordan fan, she just didn't impress me much this week.)
    7. Chantel Khol- Don't Make Me Over (I used to really like Chantel, now she's getting hard to listen to...)

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    1. Lucy (Breaking Up Is Hard to Do)
    2. Danielle (Loco-Motion)
    3. Chauncey (Moon River)
    4. Chantel (Don't Make Me Over)
    5. Morgan (Can't Help Falling In Love)
    6. Katelyn (Tell Him)
    7. Jordan (Sealed With a Kiss)
    8. AJ (Night Has a Thousand Eyes)

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