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Thread: Fave Performances From Each Jr.

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    Fave Performances From Each Jr.

    Which performance from each Junior was your favorite and why?
    Mine are:

    Taylor - Proud Mary (she did awesome with this song. She sounded great, danced great and had great stage presense. Much more interesting to watch than Shoop Shoop...jmho tho)

    Tori - Let Er Rip (she nailed it! her stage presense was incredible for a 9 year old! and when she sang Flyyyyyyyy at the end, WOW!!!)

    Chauncey - Moon River (so much better than A Whole New World and wutever he sang second...and Lonely Girl was good but Moon River was the best I thought. He really improved.)

    Chantel - Open Arms OR Power of Love (This girl can SING!!! I thought Dont Make Me Over was AWESOME too, but these two songs, I cant choose! She did amazing on both of them!!! ahh!!)

    Lucy - Get Here (All Lucy's songs are incredible! She has such a powerful voice for someone her age. This song I liked the best, but all of them are so close to it. I'm shocked she hasnt made the group yet)

    Danielle - Good Morning Starshine (Danielle's voice is so sweet and pure, and this song really showed it off. It reminds me of something from a Disney movie like Snow White or something, haha awww shes such a cutie, and her voice...WOW!)

    Morgan - Can't Help Falling in Love With You (I used to hate Morgan, I donno why, but after that song, it TOTALLY changed my opinion towards him. He sang that song SO well, I thought he deserved to make the group after that song!)

    Katelyn - Tell Him (Perfect song for Katelyn. She really shined during it. She had the voice for it, dancing for it, attitude, the whole package. Great job Katelyn!)

    AJ - The Night Has 1000 Eyes (ok I dont know why not alot of people liked this song on him. I thought it was great and it was so fun to watch him sing this song. He really got into it and his dancing was awesome)

    Jordan - ABC (GREAT song for Jordan. She really did that song perfectly. I was so amazed after watching it. Awesome job Jordan!)

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    Lucy-Get Here
    Chantel-Power of Love
    Chauncey-Hey there Lonely Girl
    Danielle- Colors of the Wind
    Katelyn.. I loved them all!!!
    Morgan-Love Grows Where my rosemary goes
    AJ-Isnt She Lovely
    Tori- Let er Rip
    Taylor- theres only two songs to pick from and neither of them impressed me. I guess Shoop Shoop song.
    Jordan-Stupid Cupid

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    A.J - Isn't She Lovely
    Chantel - You Make Me So Very Happy
    Chauncey - Hey There, Lonely Girl
    Danielle - Good Morning Starshine (but i loved the locomotion )
    Jordan - Love You More Today
    Katelyn - Tell Him
    Lucy - Breaking Up is Hard To Do
    Morgan - Build Me Up Buttercup/Can't Help Falling In Love
    Taylor - Proud Mary
    Tori - Love The One You're With

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    Taylor - Proud Mary

    Tori - Let Er Rip

    Chauncey - none

    Chantel - you make me so very happy

    Lucy - im gonna be you love me

    Danielle - Good Morning Starshine

    Morgan - Love grows where my rosemerry grows

    Katelyn - Tell Him and aint no mountain high enough

    AJ - The Night Has 1000 Eyes (

    Jordan - ABC, stupid cupid, and more today than yesturday

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    Jordan- All!!
    A.J.- I'l be there
    Tori- Love the one your with
    Taylor- Proud Mary
    Katelyn- We've only just begun
    Danielle- Locomotion
    Chauncey- Hey there lonely girl
    Morgan- love grows where my rosemary goes
    lucy- i'm gonna make you love me
    chantel- you make me so very happy

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    Lucy- Make it Easy on Yourself
    Chantel- You Make me so Very Happy
    Danielle- Good Morning Starshing
    Tori- Let Er Rip
    Morgan- Why Do Fools Fall in Love
    Katelyn- Tell Him
    AJ- The Night has 1000 Eyes
    Jordan- Stupid Cupid
    Taylor- Shoop Shoop Song
    Chauncey- Hey there lonely Girl

    In that order

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    Best performance of them all - Locomotion by Danielle

    Best Moment - Chauncey throwing the glitter, heh heh!!

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    My absolute favorite for each junior is first. If I have a close second, it's in parentheses...

    Tayor Thompson- Proud Mary
    Tori Thompson- Love The One You're With (Let 'Er Rip)
    Chauncey Matthews- Moon River (Hey There Lonely Girl)
    Danielle White- Close To You (The Locomotion, Good Morning Starshine)
    Katelyn Tarver- Tell Him (I'll Never Fall in Love Again)
    Lucy Hale- Make It Easy on Yourself
    Chantel Kohl- You Make Me So Very Happy
    Morgan Burke- Why Do Fools Fall in Love (Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes)
    Jordan McCoy- I Love You More Today Than Yesterday (ABC)
    A.J. Melendez- The Night Has a Thousand Eyes

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    Morgan - I love em all, but my fave is "Can't Help Falling in Love"
    Chauncey - "Moon River" (wow! second-best performance of the entire show!)
    Danielle - "Colors of the Wind"
    Taylor - "The Shoop Shoop Song"
    Katelyn - "We've Only Just Begun"
    AJ - "Isn't She Lovely"
    Tori - "Let 'Er Rip"
    Chantel - "You Make Me So Very Happy"
    Lucy - "I Surrender" (outside, not inside)
    Jordan - "ABC"

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    Aj & clay baby
    I am gunna agree with LovingMorganB but I don't like all of the Juniors just a few!!

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