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Thread: Satisfied?

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    I am disappointed with the pagent Tompson girls in...chauncey is a sweetie so I think that is ok..

    I hope to see Lucy get in..a bunch of us on aol have decided to band together and vote LUCY only next week...the band will need a strong lead singer...Lucy would be best JMO

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    Happy Days
    Am I satisfied with the group so far.....absolutely not.

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    Not really. Although I was pleased Chauncey made it in, I won't be satisfied unless and until Lucy makes it in.

    I'm one of a number of people around here who understand that being told she could solo was nothing more than a deserved compliment to her talent. She deserves and needs the temporary success of getting voted in to springboard, make the money and gain the connections and professional development to ever get there. I hope she does, and no longer split my votes, either. They go to her.


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    Surprisingly, I've been satisfied with everything so far in the show. Everything from the first 5 out of 10 picked, to the second 5 out of 10 picked, to the Thompsons and Chauncey. If Jordan, Chantel or A.J. make the group, I'll have to say I've been 100% satisfied!

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    So far I am 100% satisfied. Well, I'd have liked to see Julie and/or Grace make it to the top 10 but since then, great! Taylor, Chauncey, Tori, great! I love them all.

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    im glad chauncey is in there.. he did an excellent job considering he was sick with a cold.

    now they need another guy in there... perhaps... hmmmm? AJ!!!! yup, that would make me one happy camper.

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    I am not satisfied. the thompson sisters should not be in the group, they dont deserve it. chauncey on the other hand deserved it, he improved immensly since his first performance and captured the hearts and votes of all the americans who voted for him. I dont how those sisters got in.......can somebody say FIXED. morgan, lucy, danielle, and aj also deserved to be in the group but its to late for that now. the last two members should be aj and lucy.

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    I am happy that a guy finally got in.... I didnt really want Chauncey..acctually I didnt want him at all but I guess there is nothing I can do about it. I dont know if Im satisfied or not but ohh well Ill get over it.

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    Aj & clay baby
    Lets just be happy it is not an all girl group!!

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    I am satisfied with the band so far. I think each of these ten kids deserve to get into the band. Since it is Taylor, Tori and Chauncey so far...I think it would be best to have a "young" band and vote in Jordan, Danielle or Morgan.

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