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Thread: Admit your biased pick here, don't lie

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    I really like Jordan! Maybe she should be in the group because of her free spirit and she wil shine in interviews. I think she has a better voice than Tayler. Tayler does not have a good voice. I think it is still a kid's voice sometimes. Its not really good. I think Tori has a nice voice tho. I think she was a good pick. Chauncey is wonderful! Glad he made it. He really showed that he is great!! I think Morgan should get in! Did you see him perform?! He is so great! He's a natural and a pro! But its OK if he does not get into the group its OK because he might get better offers. Even Lucy will probably get better offers too. Maybe everyone else who wont get in. So I guess it does not matter with me who gets in. Morgan is the best!!

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    My biased pick is DEFINETLY Chantel! I like her more than Lucy, and I donno I kno Lucy is AMAZING! *shes my second fave!!!* I like Chantel's voice more. It's really unique and I love her personality and her DAD!! AWWWWW hes sooooo adorable! Awwww when he cries!!! lol!
    I also LOVED Grace! She SOOO shoulda made it! Her voice is amazing, and does NOT sound her age! Wow, I was so shocked when she didnt make it...
    haha I also Loved Canyon but that was jsut because he was hot!! hahaa

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    Happy Days
    I'm not biased, I just think that Danielle is the best singer in the competition and that she deserves it more than anyone else.....that's all

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    Jordan has always been my biased favorite. I must have voted for her 100+ times this past week. I think she's the best team player of all the kids and her kind heart and caring for the other kids would be so nice to have in this group. Bad thing is, Taylor and Jordan are interchangeable talent-wise, and with Taylor already in, Jordan probably won't make it. But she seems to the most natural and sincere of the kids. Just a few observations to add; yahright made some great ones :

    Tori and Taylor- cute kids, but with the pageant training they've had, I feel I haven't seen the real Tori and Taylor. Tori is especially like this, she smiles really big the instant she knows the camera's on her. I think Taylor is more shy and isn't quick to congratulate herself, which some people might see as snobby. When their real selves come out, like Taylor screaming for Kelly Clarkson or Tori running to Chantel for a hug, they're very charming girls.

    Morgan- he's so talented, but like someone mentioned awhile back, I don't think America likes what he has to offer. This week, he did really well with his song, gradually getting louder and more intense from the beginning to the end. Great vocal control, but the average person can't appreciate that skill. I wouldn't have noticed it if the judges didn't mention it - I thought he was nervous or something.

    Lucy - she seems to be taking this competition too seriously and is very eager to get in. I don't really want her to, she'll be "dumbing down" her talent to fit in with the lil' ones. She's a super talented singer, but doesn't have much charisma. Like Morgan, she seems reserved and I don't see her getting along too well with the kids; just speculating.

    Chantel- she'll get in for sure. I hadn't really cared for her until just this week. I like her more than Lucy and she gets along very well with the others, especially Tori.

    A.J.- the other shoo-in, I think. With Chauncey in the group, voters will want another boy and he's got everything the group is missing: a heartthrob, exotic look, great dancing, and a strong voice.

    Katelyn- has a very pretty voice, but she doesn't sound like she's had much training. That shouldn't be a bad thing, but when she's competing against Lucy, it is a bad thing.

    Danielle- another of my favorites and a very talented kid. But I don't think her voice is suited for pop...or rock...or country. I mean this to sound as complimentary as possible, but she would make millions as a children's artist, like recording lullabies and stuff like that. Her voice is so beautiful and soothing. I have this impression of her not liking the Thompsons very much. I don't know why, but it seems that way.

    Chauncey - darling kid. I couldn't be happier that he's in the group. He's also very sincere and I love how happy he has gotten every time he's moved ahead in the show. My only concern is that he has a very gospel sound to his voice and I wonder how that will work with pop music.

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    Jordan for sure. For many of the reasons I've said before in other threads. I knew nothing about her when the top 20 rolled around and was rooting for Julie, Chauncey, and Grace in that first group. But Jordan went first with "Stupid Cupid" and amazed me. Her video before she sang, when she said her role is always to get everyone "hypered up" I thought she was so adorable. And then she sang and I loved it and voted for her that night and every other night since then. She can sing, but not overpowering like some of the other kids, so she would blend well with the group. She can dance better that any kid I've ever seen! She's adorable and she seems like she's friends with all the other kids there and gets along with the others easily. I think she has "it" and is perfect for the group. And with Taylor and Tori already in the group, it's even better because I think Jordan's voice and style are much like theirs. Plus I've found that I often root for the underdog. Even so, I love listening to Jordan and watching her perform. What I've noticed most of all is how she absolutely SHINES in the group performances. Seems very natural for her.

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    Jordan, Katelyn and Chauncey. I know they're not the best singers, but it's not exactly about singing, is it?

    And of course Danielle. I love her to death.

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    No, it's not exactly about singing...but it could be turned around this next episode, by voting in Lucy or Chantel and AJ and then we would hear something from this band!!!

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    Of course it's obvious that AJ is my favorite! I'm going to California today just so I can see him perform! there is just something about Jordan that makes me love to watch her! She is such a little cutie, and although she may not be the best singer out of the ten, she is so cheerful and would bring positive energy to the group! I hope the last 2 in will be AJ and either Jordan or Morgan! Go AJ!

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    Aj & clay baby
    AJ is my fave and truthfully I really am not a big fan of Chantel!!

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    all of these threads are starting to sound the same...as far as topic goes

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