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Thread: New list of Top 10 performances

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    New list of Top 10 performances

    updated list including this week

    1. Danielle - "Close to You" - i think this girl is amazing and this rendition sets the bar for the competition thus far.
    2. Danielle - "Colors of the Wind" - granted, i am a bit biased but hard to argue with this choice imo. she made me a fan with this song and i have not regretted it since.
    3. Lucy - "Make it easy on yourself" - powerful voice and i think she showcased it best in this rendition
    4. Katelyn - "Tell him" - i think she finally got the right song to showcase voice in such a way to capture the audience. she really impressed me this week and climbed two notches in my book.
    5. Grace - "To sir with love" - either you love her voice or you hate it. i love it, such power in a little girl. i thought she deserved a spot in the top 10 and even in the band to be honest.
    6. Morgan - "Love grows" - i think morgan is best suited for upbeat songs instead of ballads and i enjoyed this performance a lot more than this week's.
    7. Chauncey - "Hey there, Lonely girl" - i give credit where credit is due. although i did not think he should have made the group this week, his performance last week was one of the best thus far.
    8. Danielle - "Good morning starshine" - a difficult song to sing and i thought she pulled it off very nicely.
    9. Lucy - "Breaking up is hard to do" - just another powerful performance by a powerful singer.
    10. Jordan - "I love you more today" - her best performance vocally and a good stage performance as well, she really has great stage presense.

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    I think I'm going to save sounding off until the show is over.
    Congratulations Tori and Taylor!

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    Including Semis and as less bias as possibe, okay.
    10. Can't fight the moonlight - You know who -
    Hey, I'm the number one fan, do you expect it to not make it?
    9. Stupid Cupid- Jordan - I've never heard that song before, but those squeaks..I didn't think it was possible for an 11 year old to sond like that. She suprised me.
    8. Proud Mary - Taylor - Lots and lots of energy and she pulled it off. The only time she got my vote.
    7. One Step Closer - Everyone - I just love this song, so that boosts it up some. I also loved the dance steps.
    6. Put a little love in your heart - group 2 - Loved how everyone sounded better on this song.
    5. Make your own kind of music - top 10 - Just great.
    4. Let 'er Rip - Tori - I still love how she pulled off the ending. I Had my jaw on the floor.
    3. I'll be there - A.J. - I love this song and I like A.J.
    2. I love you more today than yesterday - Jordan - Okay, getting a bit biased here, but she did a perfect job. Almost tripped at the start and still went on with the song like nothing happened.
    1. ABC - Jordan - Hehe, this is like my favorite song ever, so major points, plus its sang by my favorite Junior, Jordan. More points. Perfect dance moves. More points. Pretty good voice. More points. Had me singing along. More points.

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    hmmm ill try not be biased either, but hey were all human lol!

    1. Chantel - Open Arms/Power of Love *im sorry but both these songs she sang were INCREDIBLE!*
    2. Lucy - Get Here - amazing! Lucy is such a great singer!!!
    3. Danielle - Good Morning Starshine - she has such a sweet voice, and this song suited her sooooooo well!
    4. Tori Thompson - Let Er Rip - WOW! This little girl has TALENT! *contrary to popular belief*
    5. Chantel - Don't Make Me Over - Awwwwesome job!!! Chantel rocks!
    6. Grace - To Sir With Love - She SOOOO shoulda made it, Grace has an incredible voice, from such a tiny girl! Go Grace!!!
    7. Morgan - Can't Help Falling in Love With You - WOW! He nailed that performance, and I couldn't help falling in love with it! hahaha im so gay..
    8. Taylor - Proud Mary *ok i donno wut everyone thought, but I LOVED this performance! She did awesome! and it really deserved to get her in. good job Tay!*
    9. Katelyn - Tell Him *this song was Peeeeeerrrrrrrrrrfect for her,and she did it awesome!
    10. AJ - The Night Has 1000 Eyes - GREAT JOB AJ!!! I loved this song, I donno why not as many people liked it?

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