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Thread: "Do You Love Me" Thoughts

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    I loved it, but next week could they maybe have one that doesn't focus on the guys so much and let the girls have more than just a few words each.

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    It was my favorite i think they handles it really well. The dancing was awesome and they blew me away.

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    The one thing that I porbably dislike the most about any of the group performances is when they jump around in a line...like follow the leader. So far it always looks messed up and juvennile even for these kids.

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    I liked it! I loved the guys talkin in the middle, and Tori looked so cute when she said "I can do the Twist" or somethin... i thought it was really good. and Chantel and Lucy were getting more enthusiastic about it. VOTE THEM IN! lol

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    I liked the beginning. It went downhill from there, IMO.

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    Aj & clay baby
    It was really good an AJ was sooooo fine and he was really good in that!!

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    Do they really lip-sync during the group songs. I was watching my tape a few minutes ago and a couple of times during the song chaunceys mic was nowhere near his mouth or maybe it was just the background vocals. Sometimes it looks and sounds like they are really singing and other times it doesn't.

    Off topic- is it me or did kelly clarkson put on a few pounds, anyway she still looked totally hot and sounded great i love her voice its so pure and soulful.

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    I thought it was the best one so far taylor's part was awsome

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    I would have to say it was better than the weeks before. I still can't get over that scrubbing move they did in make your own kind of music! At the begining a.j. came in a little early! I was LMAO! I am a huge fan of him but i couldn't help noticing.

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    CaNaDiAn FaN
    i cant wait another hour for the show to start
    and then 25 1/2 hours for the next show to start
    and then 1 week 1 hour for the one after that
    and than i think theres anpother 1 week wait so 2 weeks 25 1/2 hours for the next show to start
    i have to much time on my hands
    anyways do you love me had to be the best group performance ive ever seen

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