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Thread: Kevin Murdock

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    I can't argue with that Liat, I think it was niceness that got him into the wildcard round.

    I am disappointed that he made it in ahead of Andrew. To me there was just no comparisson in their performances.

    I hope some record company will snap Andrew up.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    it doesnt matter who made the TOP 4,
    but i do understand why people want him there,
    i dont know if you have realized this,
    but we havent seen anyone "big" in the TOP 11,
    i dont know if it was intentional or not,
    but it's just so strange...
    maybe they just couldnt find a Ruben.
    and AI2 "teaches" people that big people
    "usually" have a big voice, well,
    he was helped by this concept

    also, judges didnt seem to expect him to sing,
    so i'm guessing it's the producer that called him back
    i say it's good that he had a chance to come back,
    sometimes the element of surprise is good,
    if it's the same people that comes back,
    it wouldnt get interesting unless you have
    some unknown variables in there..

    also i believe it's also the nerves,
    Jessica etc could have done a lot better,
    had they not let the nerves got to the best of them
    who is to say Kevin is worse to some of the TOP 30
    we have, i say he actually had a better night than Marc

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