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There ARE tons of other stupid "what if" threads..."pick your perfect group".." who should"..."what if"..

boggles the mind...sooo many pointless new threads started here...some with only a few posts...the threads that were more important are then pushed to the next page *ie, the threads on the contestants

and ...while you attack me why dont you read the rules of the message board about NO personal attacks...

and why dont you see if there is a similar thread before starting yet another one??? this is all rehash JMO>>> thanks
Are you the type of person, when you're watching tv and you see something you don't like, instead of just turning the channel, you sit there and complain about it?
Or or, how about when you're driving, and you see so many fast food joints, and instead of just driving by it to get to the one you want, you have to complain about the ones you don't like?