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Thread: Now Our Votes Will Count

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    Vote right

    I think Lucy, Chantel, and Katelyn are not to old for the group or look to old for the group. they are only 13 it must be ok if the age limit was 6-13, if they wanted younger kids in the group they would have made it that way. it annoys me so much when people talk about Lucy, Chantel, & Katelyn looking to old 4 the group".

    When they sing in group songs its not like all u can here is Lucys voice, because it blends in. I think Lucy and Chantel would go jst fine with the group. Because if the group has all "weak" singers (not chauncey- hes awesome) there gonna be popular for about a week and then there nothing.

    So i think people should stop thinking about "how the group will turn out" and vote for who has the best voice because thats what this show was made for, its not some popularity contest like its turned out to be. Start voting right.

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    As I said in another thread. Our job is not to be marketing directors or producers, it's to PICK THE BEST SINGERS!!! The production company's job is to turn the best five child singers into a great group.

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    i kno, but nobody seems do be voting by talent. Lucy would have been in first if people voted right

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    Now Our Votes Will Count

    Alright America, the competition begins now...

    During the week of 1970, Tori was a lock for the group. During the week of 1962, Chauncey was a lock. I voted for Danielle during the 1970 week and for Lucy during the 1962 week because I felt that they were the best, but both weeks, I felt like I was sending my votes into a black hole.

    Next week, there is no apparent lock for 4th chair headed into the performances. Some would say Chantel, but I have a feeling that Lucy's fanbase is closing the gap. Also, AJ is a strong contender, who stands to pick up some extra votes simply because voters may feel the need for 2 boys in the group. Honestly, I think it's coming down to the point where if you don't vote for Chantel, Lucy, or AJ, it's almost pointless to vote. Even if another one of the kids emerge next week, it won't be enough to get him/her into the group as 4th chair...though it may help him/her build momentum for 5th chair IMHO.

    Also, I think we will see the judges clearly push for one of the three (Chantel, Lucy, AJ) on Tuesday...if one of them can get a strong endorsement from the judges, it should be enough to put him/her over the top.

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    If American Junior show pulls off another "influencing the voters" ploy again, then you'll be able to tell which Juniors will most likely be in the top 3 next week.

    Is their a ploy to make some of the singers not look as good as they can be? Who knows for sure, but it would be very suspicious if these things happens next week:

    Jordan not singing a fast song....again
    Morgan not singing a fast song...again
    Danielle not singing a ballad type song...(especially after she got bad reviews from the judges for singing a fast song)
    (And watch if certain singers are not given the real popular songs)
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    AJ is almost a definite. They wont have Chauncey in a group with four girls. And between Lucy and Chantel, I'd rather Chantel get in this kidz bop group. Not because she has a better voice though.

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    Hi...,I have been splitting my votes between lucy and chantel and then lucy and danielle..but NO more...I am making a committment to vote ONLY lucy next week...also a bunch of us on the aol boards are doing the same...others were voting lucy and chantel, or lucy and katelyn...but we ALL are voting LUCY ONLY...

    I hope some of you will join me...I am afraid if we now split votes among the girls that morgan will get in...ouuuuuuuuccchh....I am voting lucy only

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    I don't feel I necessary look for the BEST singers. After all, they can ALL sing....you may like a certain juniors voice better than another, but they can ALL sing. It comes down to who you want to hear, watch dance and look at visually in "your" idea of the ultimate group.

    I love Lucy and Danielle's voices, but the fact is, they just don't have the dancing talent of some of the other kids.

    Jordan is clearly the best dancer if you watch the group performacnes (especially the last one where she really gets to strut her stuff), but she is probably in the bottom 3 vocally

    I think America has their heart set on Chantel and AJ (with a small outside chance of Lucy), and I think they will get in regardless of how anyone on this board votes.

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    Happy Days
    In response to the title of this thread, "Now Our Votes Will Count"....No they won't!!! They haven't counted from the beginning of the competition. It's so freaking obvious that the show, its producers, etc. have already decided who they want in the group. I will guarantee that the final two will be AJ and Chantel. At this point in time they've already made the top 3 when they shouldn't have. It just makes me sick that competitors like Chauncey got into the group over Danielle and Lucy...


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    I guess i should actually re-phrase what I said to say...I think everyone's votes DO count, but ultimately, there's not much we can do as a whole to change the eventual outcome if the majority of Americans want Chantel and AJ in the group.

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