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Thread: Which ones will fill the final two spots?

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    I'm hoping Katelyn and Chantel/Lucy, but Danielle would be good too.

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    Lucy, then Chantel.

    Hopefully they will get in it.

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    Who do I think is the best in terms of talent and "should" be in the group. Hmmm...honestly, probably Lucy and either AJ or Morgan.

    But my heart and my head say I would like Jordan and Danielle, simply because it's a better "fit" in my opinion.

    Then they would all be around the same age, height, etc....it would truly be a "junior" group.

    I still believe people like Chantel, Lucy and Katelyn just wouldn't seem right in this group. Although...the 3 of them in a group together would be awesome. I loved it when they sang together in the group performance. Their voices blended so nicely.

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    I feel so bad for Danielle! She is AMAZING and yet, not even the top three... I feel so guilty, because I'm Canadian so I can't vote for her! I'd vote the whole 2 hours though! She's absolutely incredible.

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    Swirly Sue
    Since I don't see this being a 4-girl 1-boy group, I think Morgan should be voted in as the second boy.
    Then either Lucy or Chantel should fill the other spot.

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