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Thread: Which ones will fill the final two spots?

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    last two spots

    I originally wanted Chantal and Lucy but now I hope to god they dont get in and waste their priceless talent on that hopeless group. I think Jordan and Morgan should get in cuz Jordans the only girl taht fits the "limited too teeny bopper" image that Taylor and Tori seem to portray and Morgan cuz AJ is too good for that group.

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    I think that the next two that get in depends a lot more on the next two nights of performances than people think. As far as I see it, this is still anybody's game. AJ and Chantel might have a little advantage at this point, but nothing like Tori had in week two.

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    I want it to be Jordan or Danielle and AJ! All the way! Jordan would be better for the part but Danielle has the better voice. They both can dance though. AJ has to be in because the group will need him as the hearthrob to help sell records!

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    i want it to be lucy and aj but they will look out of place being taller and older than the other three. i think the group was doomed as soon as the other thompson sister got voted in. this totally sucks, i did not want this to be a itty bitty kiddy group but with chauncey being voted in it, seems like thats what its going to be. i probably wont buy there cd now, i had hoped the group would be made of people closer to my age aj, chantel, lucy and the rest of them. all we can do now is hope that the kids that really did deserve being in the group aj, lucy, daneille, katylen, morgan, chantel, brennan, quinton, and all the others that should have made the top ten find success somewheres else, hopefully somewhere were we can see and hear them and their work. i will say it again....THE GROUP STINKS ON ICE!!!!!!

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    I have to see next weeks performances then I'll be able to decide who SHOULD fill the next two spots and who WILL fill the next two spots.

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    I think it will be AJ cuz there will be another guy now cuz of Chauncey. Even tho i was rootin for an all girl group...and it sucks tho because Morgan is pretty good too! but I think it will be AJ and Chantel...just because she was in the top 3 twice. But it still should have been Chantel Lucy and Danielle. I'm gonna feel soooo bad when they dont make it...

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    Chantel shouldn't be in the group. Her voice seems a little flat to me, but that's my opinion. She is kinda to old for the group also.

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    Teen pop group formula 101, they need...

    The cute one
    The laid back one
    The shy one
    The hyper one
    The rebellious one

    They already got...

    Tori - The cute one
    Taylor - Laid back one
    Chauncey - shy one

    They need

    The hyper one and the rebellious one to fill out the last two spots, which means Jordan and AJ.

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    That would make a better group but I have a feeling Chantel will get in.

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    I Hope she doesn't get in! We need the hyper one and the hearthob! Come on America vote for Jordan!! She would be better off in this group than Chantel.

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