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Thread: Which ones will fill the final two spots?

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    Out of the remaining kids...Jordan and Danielle are the only two that would not look like bookends with those already chosen. What I think they should do is vote in spunky Jordan, and then bring back either Tyler or Canyon to balance Chauncy. Then they could go do a world preschool tour and make lots of money!

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    I think it should be Jordan and either Aj or Danielle. That would be a good group

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    re : last 2

    i would but lucy's cd today if it were out. she is incredible. would rather see her as a solo, but if her future depends on making the group. i am hoping for her and chantel just to see her daddy cry --- LOL. when they picked the 3 last night, i was like wow. those are the other 3 i want. morgan has been on star search/most talented kid, he is a trooper and will eventually find his niche.

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    Should be Katelyn and Danielle, but I'm, sure it won't.


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    I wish 6 people could get in! I want Danielle, A.J., and Jordan. But, I bet it will be Lucy and Chantel.

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    I think it will be AJ and Chantel. I don't really want my favorites in this baby group anymore anyways...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruceeisner
    Which ones will fill the final two spots? I would say AJ and Danielle? Hey, I must be crazy
    Anyone else's opinion?
    Should be: Danielle and Lucy
    Will be: Chantel and AJ

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    I think that it will be AJ and Chantel...
    "It is my belief, however, that the truth is generally preferable to lies..."

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    If you look at the statistics...Chantel should clinch the 4th spot.

    After that it will most likely be AJ...but there is an outside chance for Lucy (I would be happier if it were Lucy, she deserves it more than Chantel or AJ).

    Danielle and Jordan (who I think really should be in this group) will not get in

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    this group is already doomed. i will continue watching just to see danielle/lucy perform and also to see this comedy of errors in selection of the members. if what i see is happening is true, aj and chantel will get in next NO DOUBT!

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