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Thread: You Can Only Vote Once - I Think That's The Case

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    You can vote as many times as you want. If they wanted to limit the number of votes per phone line, they could, like NBC does for Fame. I read online once that the number of calls that will trigger suspicion of power voting was 2000.

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    you can power vote simply from the computer.. someone posted about it on Bolt. I forget how though. Anyways I think multiple votes count.

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    YeaYeah, you are incorrect. They count every vote that gets through. Unless they see X number of votes coming from the same number, or a group of related number (and they won't say what X is, but some speculate around 3,000 or so), then they will discount those votes.

    But if you vote 600 times, then that contestant just got 600 votes. Same way AI worked.

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    I sure would be interested to check "Chauncey's" phone line....hmmmm?

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