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Thread: Things That Bug Me About Clay

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    Things That Bug Me About Clay

    This is not a thread for bashing!

    As it is, I am a HUGE fan of Clay's and can gush like the best of them.

    But, you know, we can be critical and love the boy at the same time...

    At least it'll prove wrong those who say Clayzies can see no wrong in Mr. Aiken.

    Keep it constructive, don't get hurt feelings ('cause Clay probably could not care less) and have fun.

    All in good taste and good fun!

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    what about things that "bug" me about what clay's fans do...'cause there isn't really anything that clay does that bugs me...not saying I think he's a saint. Also not saying there's NOTHING wrong with him. Just saying there isn't anything about him that bugs me... Well...except for that Grendale pic...it may irk me a *tad* bit..but..heh...

    also, I don't think it'll prove wrong the Clayzies who see no wrong with him. This is about what bugs individual people...their opinion..other fans can just go "Oh, well I see nothing wrong with that or that doesn't bother me or you're looking too far into it" or whatnot...

    so with that...sorry..but...those package comments..enough! O-O but as long as Clay keeps milking them with each concert performance...*sigh*
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    Gee, I'd have to say that right now I can't think of a single thing that bugs me about him.

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    Oh I like this thread.

    Things that bug me about Clay

    1. He can sing. Not fair. I can't!!!

    2. All these women are chasing after him like he's the reincarnation of Elvis. Not fair. I thought I was!!!

    Me Me Me. It's all about Me!!!!

    Oh, you were serious????


    I'd have to say there's not a lot about Clay that bugs me, but a whole lot about some (some being the key word here) of his fans that does. To organize a vote against Ruben in any shape or form after AI has been over for over 2 months is plain wrong. I don't get it. This whole "Our Boy" "Our Man" thing. Puhhhhleeezzeeee, he's not "yours." The whole discussion about whether he's pitching a tent. Like you're ever gonna have a chance to find out exactly how much he is setting up camp. Oh wait, this isn't a thread titled "Things that bug me about Clay fans" - I better stop now, I could go on for a while.

    Oh, I didn't like the eye flutter combination sigh thing he did whenever he received really good praise from Simon. Annoyed the hell out of me. But that's really the only thing I didn't like (well besides a couple of his performances).
    I know someday you'll have a beautiful life, I know you'll be a star in somebody else's eyes... but why... why... why can't it be me?

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    He never calls - he never writes...

    This bugs me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hazyshadeof
    Oh, I didn't like the eye flutter combination sigh thing he did whenever he received really good praise from Simon. Annoyed the hell out of me.

    Hmm. That, and the fact that he is skinnier than me.

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    I didn't like his make-up for the first half of AI2. He was a combination of purple and orange.

    I was uncomfortable with his mic-handling much of the season (not quite spastic like Trenyce, but close).

    He never got angry! But that's a good thing, too.

    He still should have nailed "Vincent"...it wasn't bad, and the song itself is dreary-- he could have done more with it.

    Even though the subtlety in "Here, There and Everywhere" was unappreciated-- I think his fans and non-fans alike would be interested in his less-bombast-filled performances as much as his Glorious ones...

    Personally, I love it all...

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    well now isn't this fun. i didn't like his dark sideburns either but he was just trying to cover up his red hair thinking dark brown would be better. wish so many people wouldn't try to make clay change himself so much. especially his skin color, orange doesn't do anything for him

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    One thing that bothers me about Clay. The endless chatter. His little talks with Trenyce and Kim C. The one with Ruben seem to be nice but for me they are a distraction and have nothing to do with his singing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redjet
    He never calls - he never writes...

    This bugs me.

    Same here, redjet. Same here.

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