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Thread: Things That Bug Me About Clay

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    Hmmmmm? This is really hard. I guess that it bugs me that he's allergic to all the food/beverages that I love. I could go without chocolate and mint, but I am a shellfish freak and can't function at all without coffee. I would, however, be willing to try very hard if I got the chance to hang with "Our Man" (sorry Hazy, but the fans do own him, that's how the business operates).

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    hmmm, well it really annoys me that he's not visited New Zealand...yet....doesn't he know that masses that love him here...sent him to #1, platinum sales....??????hmm, he's just about an honourary NZer.....get yourself gorgeous self to New Zealand Clay and fast....
    umm, that's all...

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    I actually think Clay comes across as being an incredibly nice guy and I've enjoyed any interview with him that I've seen, heard or read since the competition was over.

    During the competition though I felt he was very "hammy" and played to the crowd at every opportunity, the eyelash fluttering,the facial expressions and the mammoth sighs of relief when it was declared he was not in the bottom two/three, never rang as genuine with me.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    starry night
    I guess the only thing that ever bothered me was his facial expressions when he was singing. But Simon told him and he fixed it,so its ok now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClaysAngel
    I would, however, be willing to try very hard if I got the chance to hang with "Our Man" (sorry Hazy, but the fans do own him, that's how the business operates).
    No you don't. And no it doesn't.
    I know someday you'll have a beautiful life, I know you'll be a star in somebody else's eyes... but why... why... why can't it be me?

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    My cats are not happy about the "cats as Satan" issue.

    As for me, I thought when I went to the concert that he was over doing the knee bend a bit.

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    Mr. Bunbury
    Top Ten Things That Bug Me About Clay...

    10) Little-kid-in-the-body-of-a-grown-man Clay -- he should stop putting his feet up on the furniture on national television, and stop giggling like a girl so much. This can be cute sometimes, but most of the time it's annoying.

    9) The unnaturally high squeal that becomes his voice when he gets excited

    8) Some of his oversinging -- I like the glory notes at the end, but I don't like the fact that he sometimes holds onto notes too long in the middle of a song

    7) Some of his really ugly shirts -- especially the hideous green one he wore in his Charlotte audition

    6) Overly-made-up Clay -- examples include the purple-lip-glossed Clay on the night he was "making out" with Carmen, and the orange-goopy-make-up Clay in his TITN video

    5) The harsh R's in his singing -- a good example is when he sings the word "together" in Ain't No Stopping Us Now

    4) Glendale Clay -- the black sideburns... 'nuf said

    3) The hyper facial expressions and excessive camera love-making during his performances on AI -- unlike Simon, I don't think they make him look Broadway, but rather like an attention-seeking amateur

    2) The wobbling of his fingers (finger wooblies) used to remind the audience of his voting number after an AI performance. This includes the excessive on-camera begging as well.

    And the number one thing that bugs me about Clay is...

    1) The constant switching of the microphone between his hands while singing (hot-potato mike)

    NOTE: the fact that I've examined Clay in such minute detail (only when I'm bored, I swear) shows that I am, in fact, a big fan of his
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    7) Some of his really ugly shirts
    WORD to this, especially that awful multicolored striped one he's worn not once but *several* times. Doesn't he have stylists and people to tell him not to wear that?

    Interesting that people mention his excessive chatter. I actually think his extroverdedness helps him in giving good interviews, but I can easily imagine myself getting irritated with him if I ever had to spend more than an hour with that.

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    Ooooo..can I play??

    -his droopy left eye sometimes bothers me. I know he can't help it, but when they do a real close-up of him singing with the "sleepy-eye" it looks a little weird
    -the purple lips he sometimes had on the results shows. Was it that cold in there, or was there some funky chapstick going around??
    -the face he made after Ryan asked him if he wanted to drink some olive oil. Ohhhhh...that was an icky look - like he swallowed a slug or something.
    -the damn untucked shirts!!!!! Tuck 'em in so we can see that tooshy!!

    Oh hell, those things don't even qualify as "bugging" me. Even his annoyances are endearing.

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    Top Ten Things That Bug Me About Clay

    Quote Originally Posted by ...redjet
    He never calls - he never writes...
    Ding-dang it, redjet! I opened this thread just so I could post that, and ya beat me to it! (Great minds think alike, as they say.)

    Other things that bug me:
    10. tendency to hog conversations (like I do) -- e.g., when the group is thrown a question, Clay often "catches" it and runs with it
    9. his habit of biting the inside of his mouth when he's nervous (like on Larry King)
    8. the constant hand-to-hand mic switch
    7. 'oversinging/overenunciation' -- hard "r" sounds, tight-throated singing, and unnecessary "glory notes" on a FEW performances
    6. sometimes (by no means always) saying his "s" sounds in a way that feeds the you-know-what rumors
    5. his "mugging" for the camera while talking to Ryand after the judges' comments (I don't mind his expressions while he's singing, as long as he doesn't close his eyes a lot.) It looked really dorky sometimes.
    4. the fact that he was HOLDING OUT ON US during AI about his "dancing" ability -- He coulda shown us how he can MOVE a little earlier
    3. his buttoning the top 2 buttons of a suit coat but not the bottom one
    2. those UNTUCKED SHIRTS that conceal his inner beauty!
    1. that baggy brown suit he wore on Vincent and on Regis & Kelly!

    (Other than that, he's POIFECT!!!)
    Dogs have owners. Cats have staff. ;-D

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