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Thread: Someone please answer this question

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    Quote Originally Posted by crysma
    American channels don't get Canadian shows in general, with a very few exceptions. There aren't that many Canadian shows anyway. The few that are there are generally pretty good. Anyway, don't worry about catching any future appearances of the AI2 gang on Canadian Idol. They'll be posted on the official CI website. The link to that is in the TV appearances thread.
    Mmhmmm, all you guys missed was the What the world needs now performance on the results show, and it was the same old same old. The only thing you guys really missed out on was the presentation of the platinum awards, but it wasn't that great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AchinForClayton
    Why is it that in canada they get to watch canadian idol and american idol, while people in the USA only get to watch american idol and not canadian idol...i would have really wanted to see Clay Aiken on there when ruben him and kim L went on that show for a episode
    Probably the same reason TV from the US is show in a lot of other countries around the world than vice-versa. The US is very media saturated -- so many channels we can't keep up with them. Commercial US stations may not welcome the competition from stations in other countries.

    Canada has a lot fewer networks (broadcast and cable) of its own, so their airways have always shown some USA stations. (When I lived in Toronto in the '70s, IIRC, I got CBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and that was about it.

    Some cable companies do broadcast CBUT and some other channels from other countries, and satellite dishes may be able to pick up some Canadian stations. If you were living in Detroit or Buffalo or anywhere just across the border from Canada and near a major city, you also might be able to pick up Canadian broadcast networks.
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