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Thread: "Who's Joining The Two T's?" - 07/22 Recap

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    Great recap! Just a few of my favorite "fluffisms":

    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    "Taylor in what I hate to describe on one so young as a “pimped out” patchwork coat."

    "Ahhhhh AJ, if only I were ten years younger…I’d still be nearly twice your age."

    "Danielle’s hair has been fashioned into Mickey Mouse ears"

    "frankly his coolness makes Ryan look like a King Dork in his bright yellow t-shirt that is burning my retinas."

    "I give him (or his mother) full marks for managing to find a pair of lilac boys shoes."

    "Some of these kids are just to good to be in a band that we see so much of the attention focused onto the Thompson’s just because they are sisters."

    "(I said that, I could so be a judge on this show if only I was famous and could sing)"

    "She currently looks about ten years older than Tori to me"

    btw, dynamics refers to variations of intensity and volume.

    I don't like the idea of Lucy in a group with Tori and Taylor, either, but she did so well last night, and the only way they gave me to show my approval was to vote, so I did.

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    GREAT RECAP!! hilarious!!

    Here are some of my opinions on how they did:

    1. Lucy
    2. Danielle
    3. (tie) Chantel and Katelyn
    5. Chauncey
    6. Morgan
    7. AJ
    8. Jordan- I actually enjoyed this performance, but it still wasn't up to par with the others.



    Not So Great

    What I WANT the top 3 to be:

    What it probably WILL be:

    3rd person in the group:

    Just My Opinions!!

    eat mor chiken

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    OMG! *slaps myself across the face* Sorry, Lobeck. I knew that, but for some odd reason, I got mixed up.... it's the heat I tell ya, the heat! Again, sorry. *runs off to room*


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    [QUOTE=tracylee]I thought he sounded like he was struggling for breath through the whole thing. He didn't hold out any note until the last one. It just didn't sound right to me.

    Tracylee, I'm so glad to see someone agrees with me about Morgan. I was starting to think I was a terrible judge. I thought Morgan was the worst one last night and I was shocked at the judges' reviews.

    Of the boys, I liked AJ the best.

    Chauncey is a little cutie pie and he sang my favorite song (which always brings me to tears), but I don't believe he has the chops to make it all the way.

    I love Chantal and have since the beginning. I think she has such an exotic beauty and is very charismatic (and I just love her father).

    I thought Lucy was wonderful last night and deserves to make it. Does anyone else think she looks like Winnie from the Wonder Years?

    Danielle is a delicate beauty with a pure voice but I'm not sure she's right for a group. I think she should pursue some kind of solo career. Her voice isn't strong enough to be heard over the others.

    I thought Katelyn and Jordan did a very good job last night.

    I generally liked them all except for Morgan. I think there's a lot of talent there in little bodies. Can't wait for the voting tonight!

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    someone make Morgan cry please its for his own good..."you've got to raise your game." (British Accent)

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    i hope morgan makes the group along with aj. Then 19E will realize what a mistake they made when they go on their coffee house tour and still dont sell out

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    Is it my tv or does Tori look like she ate a bunch of Taylor's cheeseburgers? Just kidding...........

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    Ryan is centre stage, flanked by the two heavily smiling sisters, Tori in what looks like a soccer shirt with no arms and a red skirt, Taylor in what I hate to describe on one so young as a “pimped out” patchwork coat. Ryan has decided on an acid yellow t-shirt, bearing the words “OPEN ALL HOURS”, which clashes horribly with his hair and skin colours. I have a feeling this will be a source of great distraction to me all evening.
    oh it was a distraction!

    Next is Jordan Knight. You know you’re getting old when a member of New Kids On The Block needs corrective eyewear.
    OMG! No!

    I’ll be sure to watch to see just how wrong my predictions were.
    Not too far off, fluff!

    Great recap! You so funny!
    Who shot who in the what now?

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