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Thread: Simon talks w/ Howard Stern

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    Simon talks w/ Howard Stern

    Howard Stern asked Simon if the Junior kids picked their own songs, and Simon said we pick the year and the kids pick what song from the year. However, Simon said that letting the kids pick the songs, they usually make a bad choice. (Did this mean that they changed and don't allow the kids to pick the songs anymore cause they make bad choices or do they still pick their own songs?) Simon didn't go deep into the process.

    Simon is saying it's difficult to do AI, because he has to fly back and forth from Europe. And he said he wants to do the show if the money is right. Howard told Simon if they offered him 10 million, would he take it, and Simon said yes. Simon said AI should tell him how much they made and compare that to how much they should give him. (He didn't say what percentage, but you know what he meant). Simon said he wasn't at the negotiation. He said it's simple, if AI wants him, they can just give him the money, and if they don't want to give him the money, then they shouldn't. There's not much to discuss he said. LOL Howard Stern told SImon if it wasn't for him(Simon), AI wouldn't be big, and Simon agreed.

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    That was a while ago...Simon has since been signed to do 3 more AI's.

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