Hey everyone! I just want to promote our site for a bit. I hope you all wont mind
Please visit the #1 spot for Chantel Kohl Fans! Click the link below my siggy We will try our best to keep you updated daily on EVERYTHING Chantel kohl, and to also keep you busy, and to have fun! This site is for her biggest fanatics!
We will do ANYTHING to help Chantel get to the top because she's such an inspiration and a beautiful person inside and out.
Thanks, and please visit sometime

I'll just give a quick rundown on the content on our site:

- All great quality mp3s since auditions
- 80(and growing) QUALITY pictures and screencaps.
- Chantel Quizzes
- Bio and stats
*and more!

- Love test
- Tic tac toe
- Magic Squares
- Online Pet
- Fortune Teller
*and Loads more!

Free Goodies!:
-Chantel Dolls

Fan Fun(new!)
- American Junior Superlatives
- Which American Junior are you Quiz
- Junior Guessing games
*and many many more!

- Chat
- Forum
- Guestmap
- Reviews
- Affiliates
- Links

Well, thats it for now.. Again, we hope you stop by sometime! And fans, PLEASE VOTE FOR CHANTEL!!

Jasmine [Rosalie and Jenny]


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