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Thread: What is "American Juniors" wanting to do with this group?

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    What is "American Juniors" wanting to do with this group?

    I wish that "American Juniors" gave us a better idea of what they are expecting to do with this group. Sell records? TV? If so, what type of TV show? A Movie? Has anyone seen any specific information on what the show is planning to do with this group?

    Here's my thoughts based on a CD and possibly TV or a movie.

    I think that the group should be all girls for three reasons:
    1) I don't think that the boys are talented enough to sell records. While they are decent if not good performers, I wouldn't set through one of thier songs in a concert because I don't like the sound of thier voices that much.
    2) I think that the girls sound great together and could have a sound worth selling after the summer of this show is over.
    3) I can't think of a combination of two boys and three girls or four girls and one boy that I think would work.

    Here's who I voting for:
    Lucy - She's got a great voice to sell records.
    Chantel - Same as above, but not as strong.
    Danielle - She has a sweet voice that stands out when singing in a group.

    If there could be a sixth person I would choose:
    Katelyn - I think that she is better than any of the guys, but not as good as the three girls above.

    Actually, I could see a sixth person. Danielle seems to go with Tori and Taylor better. Katelyn would go nicely with Lucy and Chantel.

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    I think they should have chuancey in the groupwith taylo,tori,lucy,katelyn b.cuz that would sound good it would be a mix of a little of everything.if it was all the same they would sound boring

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    Getting back to the orginal question...in the UK they had a kids tv show with the group..they had an S club 7 and a s club juniors...haha.."s" stood for simon LOL...

    I know that simon fuller had said he wanted a "monkees" type tie in...and I think that was the original idea here..ie a tv show where the kids would do funny acting a sit com about a band, and every show they would end with a song..

    the poor ratings may have changed their minds about this...

    Unlike american idol...which offered a 1 million dollar recording contract, this show seems to only offer "membership in the band and a recording contract"...

    I am not sure that they could do concerts...but maybe smaller concerts or a "mall tour" or something???

    there really isnt that much call for a "kid group"...

    maybe..hopefully...they would have a "kid" type catchy song written for them and that could be popular??

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    One possibility is to create an after-school or Saturday morning show with these kids. It would be like a Mickey Mouse Club kind of thing. Incredibly lame...but probably more appropriate for the fan base IMO.

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