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Thread: Rank the 1962 Week Performances

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    Rank the 1962 Week Performances

    What's your order for this week and why? This is mine.

    1. Chantel - Don't Make Me Over ~she TOTALLY pulled it off. had a really shaky start but finished it off beautifully and a total improvement from Stoney End

    2. Katelyn - Tell Him ~ WOW awesome job! I'm not a Katelyn fan at ALL but she really did the job tonight! She was incredible, I was so amazed!!

    3. AJ - The Night Has 1000 Eyes ~ No one seemed to like this performance, I LOVED it!!!! His dancing was good too! I think this was his best yet, and im NOT an AJ fan. Great Job!!!

    4. Chauncey - Moon River ~ Awesom job Chauncey! He really pulled it off, he sang great, and added that "magic" too! LOL! Good job. dont want him in the group, but he did great tonite.

    5. Lucy - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do ~ Incredible like ALWAYS! I hope she makes it in the top 3. Shes amazing!!!

    6. Morgan - Falling in love with you ~ big improvement, I really liked his voice today! Awesome job Morgan I LOVED your perforamance!

    7. Danielle - Loco Motino ~ She didnt sound horrible at ALL, and she danced great, it just wasnt her best.

    8. Jordan - Sealed with a kiss ~ pretty good! everyone was so good today tho, sorry Jordan! you did awesome tho! !!!!!!!

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    watch it with the spoilers, the show is just starting on the west coast, and the fort mods ask that you keep all show info in the spoiler thread until midnight. just wanted to give you the heads up.
    Congratulations Tori and Taylor!

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    1. Chantel
    2. Lucy
    3. Katelyn
    4. Danielle
    5. AJ
    6. Chauncey
    7. Jordan
    8. Morgan

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    1. AJ
    2. Lucy
    3. Morgan
    4. Chauncey
    5. Katelyn
    6. Danielle
    7. Jordan
    8. Chantel

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    dang, Lucy last? thats harsh.

    4. Morgan
    5. Danielle
    6. Jordan
    7. Chantel
    8. AJ

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    1. Chauncey
    2. Morgan Burke
    3. Lucy Hale
    4. Danielle

    8. Chantel (bad song choice)

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    Alright, I’ve watched the performances three times now, and here’s my breakdown for the week (in parentheses are rankings from last week’s performances):

    1. Lucy Hale (5)- Now, this is more like it. When the song was announced, I was afraid she would be oversinging like last week. But she didn’t fall into the trap…her singing felt natural and sincere. The more I listen to her, she sounds like a young Kimberley Locke, especially with that Nashville drawl to accent the higher notes. This group might actually be pretty decent if she can be the lead singer.

    (on a side note: Lucy did get away with singing the 1975 slow version of “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do,” which is completely different- lyrically and melodically- from the original 1962 version; This can’t be held against her, but I find it interesting the producers allowed this version when the theme was 1962.)

    2. Chauncey Matthews (2)- Yes, he had a cold…but I don’t think it really effected his performance much. He’s always struggled with the lower notes, which is where his sore throat seemed to bother him. He had some pitch problems, but this song was made for his beautiful voice. And he absolutely owned the moment…a flawed but wonderful performance.

    3. Chantel Kohl (6)- Chantel was clearly nervous, and she let it effect her performance. She hesitated and nearly forgot the words, falling behind the track. It took her a little while to find her groove, but boy did she come alive towards the end. I have always loved this song, and this could've been the performance of the night if she wasn't so nervous. Not flawless, but much much better than last week.

    4. Katelyn Tarver (7)- Much better song choice for her- just enough for her voice to handle. This wasn't anything mind-blowing vocally, but it's enough to get her back into this competition. I still think she has an in-between voice- not as powerful as Lucy and Chantel, and not as graceful as Danielle…which isn’t a bad thing, but just tough to find a good song for. We finally got to see her personality and the choreography was right on point. Katelyn was the surprise of the night and she appears to be gaining some momentum, especially with the strong endorsement from the judges.

    5. Morgan Burke (3)- I was glad to see some versatility from him, and he showed off a lot more range than I knew he had. Vocally, this was his best performance yet. But performance wise, I still don’t feel the vibe from him (like I get with Chauncey). He should be working the camera, not closing his eyes. And his face almost looked like he was in pain when he hit those high notes.

    6. AJ Melendez (8)- AJ had to keep up with a very fast track, but it still felt like he was rushing through the song. Not the type of song to show off the smooth, mellow quality of his voice. I think he may have been a victim of the arrangement, which should’ve allowed him more room for runs.

    7. Danielle White (1)- How the mighty have fallen. Last week, it was Chantel. This week, it was Danielle who had the biggest off-night. WTH is a song like “Locomotion” doing in a talent competition? One of the corniest songs of all time…and had Danielle bouncing around like a mascot. To be fair, Danielle was pitch perfect as always…but this song needs to be locked up inside the karaoke bars.

    8. Jordan McCoy (9)- Debbie what were you talking about when you said Jordan had great pitch? Jordan was flat throughout most of the song, and her voice clearly couldn’t handle a song like this. She’s best when she works the stage and shows off her personality. Wrong song for her.

    Who should be in the top 3:
    1. Lucy
    2. Chauncey
    3. Chantel

    Who will be in the top 3:
    1. Chauncey (He already had momentum, and the sympathy vote should put him over the top and earn him 3rd chair)
    2. Lucy
    3. Katelyn
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    1. Danielle
    2. Katelyn
    3. Lucy
    4. Jordan
    5. Chauncey
    6. Chantel
    7. Morgan
    8. AJ

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