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Thread: If there had been a wildcard round, who would you hae broughten back again???

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    If there had been a wildcard round, who would you hae broughten back again???

    Say they were having a wildcard and you could only bring back five people, who would you choose? Also, who would you choose to bring back to the finals?

    I would bring back...

    Kistinia Debarge
    She should have moved on before anyways.

    Grace Leer
    She has a strong voice that would probobly done better with a diffrent song.

    Quinton Caruthers
    He seems like he moght have a better voice if he had not concentrated on the dancing so much.

    Tyler Foehr
    I think he may be a very good singer, but was unable to showcase his voice with the song he chose.

    Julie Dubela
    She had an amzing first audition and was a classic victim of bad sng choice.

    and to move on I would choose...... (Drum Roll Please)


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    I'd have a wildcard show, have the 10 semi's perform again, then decide from that.

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    I agree, it's becoming obvious that we shouldn't judge these kids based on one performance!

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    Kristinia DeBarge
    Julie DuBella
    Alex Catalini

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    why even start this stupid thread?? THERE IS ALREADY A STUPID THREAD ABOUT WILDCARDS...and they are not having a wildcard show...hello....

    why is this thread even here??

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