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Thread: What songs would be good for each junior

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    What songs would be good for each junior

    If you could suggest to each junior which song they could sing next that would give them a great chance at winning, what would it be?
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    i wanna see a show without song choice restrictions

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    These songs will blow people away IF they could sing these........

    Morgan Burke - Billy Jean from Michael Jackson

    Morgan needs to break out the big guns. He needs to put on a silver glitter vest, with one glove on and black pants, and do it Michael Jackson style. He got the moves and the voice. He needs to blow people away cause the public seems to have a bias against this dude. He is overshowy? that's the reason why people don't like him? What!!? No, I think it goes deeper than that. It's time for Morgan to show he's not only deserves to be in the group, but they'll be sorry if they don't pick him.

    Chauncey - Candy Girl from New Edition

    Screw the squeeky voice thing. He needs to get in people's head and get people dancing in the crowd. He needs to wear a red suit, or something and dance to a high beat song. Show them he ain't scared and get in their faces.

    Lucy - One Moment in Time

    Lucy needs to sing a powerful, KNOWN, song. She needs to put on a shiny, but classy dress. Make her look 18. And she needs to sing it as if it's her last day on earth.

    Katelyn - Beauty and the Beast

    Tarver can pull this one off. She will prove that she can be the lead singer in a lot of the songs if she gets into the group.

    Jordan - Hit Me Baby One More Time

    People might not take this song seriously, so jordan would have to put a good dancing performance on. Use a chair, use hats, use props, anything to get the point across. Do a britney, by wearing something baggy and then tearing it off with a dancing suit underneath. Anything to get the crowds attention.

    Chantal - Reflection by Christina Aguilera

    This would be the PERFECT song for Chantal. If this song cannot get chantal in the group, I don't know what will. Deep meaningful song and will showcase what Chantal is best at.

    AJ - God Bless the USA

    This song is not only will showcase AJ's powerful voice, but will dig deep in everyone. AJ has the ability to blow the crowd away if he hammers this song down.

    Danielle - Angel by Sarah McLachlan

    This might be a far stretch for Danielle, since Sarah's voice is more smoky and deep,but Danielle can make it her own. This song mesmerizes the soul when Sarah sings it, but I feel Danielle can pull it off even with a more higher tone voice. If done right, Danielle could leave everyone breathless with this one.

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    I like those song choices! In fact I was thinking the same thing on Jordan and Danielle!

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    Those are great song choices. I will have to think a bit deeper and come back and post what I think too!

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    anything for Danille that will show of her nice high voice, and one for Chantel like Bridge Over Troubled Water

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    Morgan - "Can't Help Falling in Love With You" by Elvis...

    just a suggestion

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    I agree with Superfly....after all, most of the kids have never even heard of the songs they're sining

    Something more up-to-date would be enjoyable

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    There was a post somewhere that said that a lot of the kids on the show said that they listened to oldies in their bios...so a lot of the kids do recognize the old songs that they sing

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    hmm for Chantel something by Celine Dion i think..like My Heart Will Go On *from Titanic* cuz she sang The Power of Love reallyyyyy well.

    for Lucy something by Faith Hill i think...

    for Danielle, Angel by Sarah MacLachlan...what yahrigh said!

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