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Thread: Contestant Contact Info.

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    Contestant Contact Info.

    Hey, I am new at this but I didn't see anything related to contestant contact information. I am looking to contact some "Juniors" and send them fanmail. Specifically, I would love to write Jordan and Danielle. Why is this relevant to the message boards? Well, we all have our favorites and this will give us a chance to have a stronger connection with them. It also feels really good when you receive a reply! If you know anything about these contestant (contact info.), please post it here or email me. Also, if you are associated with any of them, please also note that. It would be a pleasure to talk to you! Thanks and God Bless! Steve

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    Ah, I remember this being my first post.
    Try askfox@fox.com .

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    Quote Originally Posted by CheeseManCubed
    Ah, I remember this being my first post.
    Try askfox@fox.com .
    One thing you can do is go to anywho.com and fill in information. However, you need the first names of the contestant's parents. It is basically like a phone book but without names, you don't know what address is correct. So...my point is, even if you don't know contact information, please post the names of BOTH parents of each "Junior." Thanks

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    Fox never emailed me back about that. Its been a month.

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    Do NOT contact parents or contestants directly! Please use the official contact method, by sending an e-mail to askfox@fox.com addressed to your favorite contestant. Any other form of contact is an invasion of privacy.

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