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Thread: Songs not Singers

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    Songs not Singers

    What are your 10 favorite songs that the contestants have performed so far. Forget the person who sang the song. We are judging the songs only!!!

    Mine Are:
    1. Love The One You're With (Tori)
    2. Make Your Own Kind of Music (Group)
    3. Rainy Days and Mondays (Julie)
    4. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (Lucy)
    5. Bad Moon Rising (Tori)
    6. Good Morning Starshine (Danielle)
    7. Isn't She Lovely (AJ)
    8. Why Do Fools Fall in Love (Morgan)
    9. Let 'Er Rip (Tori)
    10.You've Got a Friend (Canyon)

    *As you can see I've picked all of Tori's songs, not because I like Tori, because I don't really. I just like the songs that the producers choose for her.
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    The power of love (chantel)

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    Mine Are:
    1.The Shoop Shoop song(taylor)
    2. Make Your Own Kind of Music (Group)
    3. Love grows where my rosemary gows (Morgan)
    4. A Whole new world (Chauncey)
    5. Lonley Girl (Chauncey)
    6. Ill be there ( Aj)
    7. Build me up Buttercup ( Morgan)
    8. Colors of the Wind (Danielle)
    9. ABC (Jordan)
    10.tupid Cupid (Jordan

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    Here are mine:
    1.Colours Of The Wind (Danielle)
    2.Close To You (Danielle)
    3.The Power Of Love (Chantel)
    4.Love The One You're With (Tori)
    5.I'll Be There (Aj)
    6.Build Me Up Buttercup (Morgan)
    7.We've Only Just Begun (Katelyn)
    8.Isn't She Lovely (Aj)
    9.A Whole New World (Chauncey)
    10.Let 'Er Rip (Tori)

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    Aj & clay baby

    10 songs!!

    1.Isn't she lovley(AJ)
    2.My Cherie Amour(AJ)
    3.I'll be there(AJ)
    4.You've got a friend(canyon
    5.Buil me up buttercup(Morgan)
    6.a whole new world(Chauncey)
    7.Let 'Er rip(tori)
    8.Love the one your with(Tori)
    9.Make your own kind of music(group)
    10.Love grows where my rosemary goes(Morgan)

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    (in no order)
    1. Let 'Er Rip
    2. ABC
    3. Proud Mary
    4. I'm gonna make you love me
    5. You've got a friend
    6. Shoop Shoop Song
    7. Isn't she lovely
    8. My Cherie Amour
    9. I'll be there
    10. One step closer

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    Let Er Rip - Tori
    Make Your Own Kind of Music - Group
    Proud Mary - Taylor
    Power of Love - Chantel
    Open Arms - Chantel
    Get Here - Lucy
    We've Only Just Begun - Katelyn *but i dont like her!*
    Build me up buttercup - Morgan
    Rosemary Goes - Morgan
    Ill be There - AJ *but Chantel or Lucy SOOO shoulda sang it!*
    Good Morning Starshine - Danielle
    Colors of the Wind - Danielle
    Reflection - Kristinia
    Hopelessy Devoted To You - Kara

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    Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes
    Open Arms
    We've Only Just Begun - though I hated Katelyn's performance of it
    Isn't She Lovely
    Build Me Up Buttercup
    Hey There lonely Girl
    Good Morning Starshine
    Kids in America - hehe brings back "Clueless" memories
    Hopelessly Devoted to You - again, love the song but hated Kara's version
    Make It Easy on Yourself

    jmo top 10 in no specific order

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