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Thread: maybe its good some people don't get in

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    maybe its good some people don't get in

    Hey I have a thought... doesn't anyone think it would be good if Lucy or Chantel don't make it in because if they do most likely both of them would end up leaving the group and going solo, leaving the other people behind. I don't know, just a thought, my opinion! Let me know what you all think!

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    CaNaDiAn FaN
    that's what ive been thinking the whole competition

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    no..... they make the group they'll have more confidence and experience in the music business for when they leave the group as opposed to being on their from the very beginning and learning everything from scratch...that is all

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    I think this is totally wrong ..and nutty...just more sheep like "group think" that is being perpetuated on other boards..

    Lets get real...most of the top ten on ai I are not doing that great...and most of top 12 on ai 2 are also not doing that great...and they are all more marketable age wise than these kids...

    If Kim Locke....a fantastic talent doesnt have a record contract yet, who in the world is going to sign Lucy??? Hellllooo...LOL

    there are ONLY so many kids who have ever made it as solo careers...some were a one hit fluke...some, like stevie wonder and leanne rimes became stars...

    some kids who had "exposure" went on to fame....ie, the muskateers, britney and justin etc..

    but really...saying that these kids are going to have "solo" careers is just a "feel good" excuse type tactic....sunshine and lollipops all around..

    if you like someone...vote for em LOL

    JMO>> only maybe Katelyn, Canyon, and Chauncey will come out of this with contracts in modeling or a part on tv show if they dont make the group...

    I seriously doubt chantel and/or lucy will have real solo careers in their teens...JMO
    vote for them to be in group...group may not last long, but some of group members may go on to bigger and better...ie, like the muskateers

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    I think what was last posted is right and wrong. These kids are being exposed like Brittney and Christina. If the judges on the show think she is good enough for a solo position then I think producers and record deals will also. Lucy has so much to go for then to just be in a group.

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    I think Chantel would make a great solo artist

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    Happy Days
    Yeah it is a good idea that some people dont' get in...ideally the guys cuz they'd make the group horrible....

    danielle....Danielle....DANIEL LE

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