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Thread: Julia DeMato Faces Hometown Crowd

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    Julia DeMato Faces Hometown Crowd

    In today's paper:

    Julia DeMato's Off `Idol' But Basking In The Tour
    July 18, 2003
    By AMY ELLIS LUNA, Courant Staff Writer

    She was voted off TV's "American Idol" in March, but don't feel too sorry for "Idol" finalist Julia DeMato. The Brookfield native is on tour with other finalists as part of a show that stops tonight at the Hartford Civic Center.

    This week, DeMato took time - with the tour in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. - to chat. Through music blaring in the background, she talked about how the tour was going, what she gained from the "American Idol" experience and her plans for a music career.

    Q: Is it tough being out on the road, away from family?

    A: I get homesick easily. That's the only part. I love it, though. I'm having a blast.

    Q: Is the tour more grueling than doing the show "American Idol"?

    A: It's a lot different than "American Idol." It's a lot better. I like it better.

    Q: Really?

    A: Obviously, there is no pressure; there's no judges. It's just us performing, so it's all about the voice now. It's not like a popularity contest anymore, which is nice.

    Q: If you could, is there anything that you would go back and change from the show?

    A: I was very nervous on the show; I had never performed before. And I was very uncomfortable on stage, and some of my song choices weren't right, and I didn't like what I wore on the shows. When I watch it, it just wasn't me. So now on the tour, I think a lot of people have noticed a difference in me and have said, "Wow, you know, Julia's so different" because I'm myself now. I've kind of come into my own, with stage performance and stuff.

    Q: Are all of the 12 finalists on tour?

    A: Josh [Gracin] and Corey [Clark] and Vanessa [Olivarez] aren't here.

    Q: Besides singing in group numbers during the tour, do you perform a duet with anyone?

    A: I have a duet with Rickey [Smith]. And that's one of my favorite things.

    Q: Is the repertoire on tour the same as on the show?

    A: No, it's all different now. It's more modern songs.

    Q: You've got one day off in Connecticut before performing tonight at the Hartford Civic Center. What do you plan on doing?

    A: Nothing. I'm going to see my friends and family.

    Q: Did you think from the beginning that you would have made it so far on the show?

    A: You know what? I did. ... I had an intuition that I would make it to the top 10.

    Q: What did you gain from the "American Idol" experience?

    A: Confidence. And it changed my whole outlook on what I want to do with the rest of my life. ... I want to pursue my singing.

    Q: What types of music do you listen to?

    A: I listen to so many different things. Fleetwood Mac is one of my favorite groups. I listen to techno; I listen to rock 'n' roll; I listen to rap, R&B. ... I don't have a certain artist that I look up to the most.

    Q: Being on tour must not leave a lot of time for a relationship. Are you dating anyone?

    A: No, I'm single. I am absolutely single.

    Q: What do you miss most from home while out on tour?

    A: I can't pick one thing. You know what I miss the most? A home ... stability. But I'm living a dream, so I can't complain. But I do miss the everyday coming-home, cooking-dinner type of thing. It's kind of weird that I said that, but I do. Even though it's boring sometimes, but I do miss that.


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    Poor julia she can not even get a date lol!

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    starry night
    Quote Originally Posted by stargirl91
    Poor julia she can not even get a date lol!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stargirl91
    Poor julia she can not even get a date lol!
    I don't think any of them can get a date right now. When you're famous it's hard to just go upto somebody you think is cute and say let's go out. Anyway, she's more likely to get into a serious romanitc relationship in the near future than Clay, Ruben or KimC.

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    i 've been reading many rave reviews about Julia's performance during the tours. That's good to hear.
    The interview's great. She sounds so sweet and humble.at least she's brave enough to admit she wasn't at her best during AI

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    I felt badly for Julia throughout the show. She was so green and nervous--I knew she had a good voice, she just couldn't show what she really had during the competition. I'm so glad that she's having fun and shining on the tour!

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    Thanks for posting this, Glam. When I saw her live, I thought she looked different, but I thought she sounded a lot better than she did on the tv show. She sounded fantastic live, i.e. she could give C.A. a run for her money with her "Beautiful" rendition. And the duet with Rickey? Fantastic.
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