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Thread: Mock Elections-Positive Thoughts

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    Mock Elections-Positive Thoughts

    Okay, It's not that I'm getting sick of hearing bad comments, I just think that since so many people come to this site, fans, friends, even possibly the contestants, I'm going to start this thread to be an only positive thread. Only nice things can be said about the contestants. So I'm going to pick my opinions for "Mock Elections"

    Danielle~Most beautiful, pure voice

    Tori~Best Hair

    Taylor~Best Dancer

    Lucy~Most Powerful Voice (also beautiful)

    Chantel~Most Soothing Voice (also beautiful)

    Morgan~Most Energy and all around talent

    Chauncey~Most charming and adorable, best smile

    AJ~Best "Chick Magnet" and very charming as well

    Jordan~Most outgoing, prettiest eyes

    Katelyn~Let's face it, she is absolutely a beautiful girl!

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    Hm.. I guess I'll have to make some nice things up for a few of 'em.

    Morgan: Good voice, nice stage presence. Improved attitude.

    Chauncy: Smooth, charming, and cute as a button!

    AJ: Ladies man, good voice

    Katelyn: Prettiest girl, amazing voice, great personality- the best in the group

    Danielle- Nice, natural quality

    Lucy- Strong voice.... um..... (I can't say anything negative so,).. it's strong...

    Chantel- Good audition.

    Jordan: Good dancer

    Tori: "Let Her Rip" peformance was good...

    Taylor: Supportive of her sister.


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