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Thread: Which 5 do you think

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    CaNaDiAn FaN

    Which 5 do you think

    will not make the group and y? I think the boys and lucy but im stuck on the last 1
    A.J. - I don't think his voice is good enough to make it
    Lucy - she is better solo than she would be in a group
    Chauncey - see A.J.
    Morgan - he overacts a bit too much
    all the kids are good and this is my opinion only
    what does every1 else think?

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    ok here are the 5 that i think arn't goin to make it
    these are only my opions even though i think most of them are good i still think these will not make it sorry if you like these people not tryin to dissapoint anyone

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    CaNaDiAn FaN
    after thinking hard i picked the five i don't want in the group and said something nice about each one.
    1. A.J. - good looking
    2. Morgan - trys hard
    3. Chauncey - unique voice
    4 & 5. Chantel and Lucy - should have solo careers

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    1. A.J.- I just don't think his voice is that great and justin guarini and we don't need another one.
    2. Chauncey- He always looks like he's about to urinate.....meaning he's too nervous to make it
    3. Morgan- FLAMBOYANT.....to the max....he overdoes stuff
    4. Jordan- She could be another thompson, there are already two
    5. Katelyn- It's sad for me to say this because i feel that she is pretty good but she is not good enough and she is overshadowed on the show by the stronger singers like chantel and lucy.

    that is all

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    Chauncy- his voice is still like a little kid. It will change
    AJ- he is trying to hard by using his looks
    Morgan- he gets off key a little
    Lucy- way too good to be in a group
    Chantel- same as Lucy

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    Big Blue - Tayshaun! superfly's Avatar
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    aj - coughjustinguarinicough
    chauncey - one word, no
    katelyn - i like her but there's no room
    chantel - has really underachieved
    morgan or jordan - both very good but one has to go

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    Katelyn: doesn't stand out...she has a nice clear voice and I don't think she gets enough credit for it (the judges only ever tell her that she's pretty enough to model, which is a pretty useless comment for them to give, imo) , but her voice isn't as good as Danielle's which is similar, but a lot better

    Jordan: I love her personality and I hope she makes it in, but I don't really see that happening because she doesn't seem to have a large fan base.

    Morgan: He has a lot of talent, but people don't seem to like the way he performs.

    Lucy: has a great, powerful voice but she seems too old and would be better off going solo

    That leaves AJ, Chantel, Chauncey, and Danielle, and I think all 4 of them have a good chance of getting into the group.

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    A.J.- The only reason he got in the top three last time was because of the two girls coming up to the stage.

    Katelyn- Shes really pretty and all but she doesnt have the fans.

    Morgan- he has a really good voice and the experience, just not as many fans.

    Jordan- She has a good voice but again, not as many fans.

    Danielle- Shes almost everyones favorite but she never gets in the top 3 (i dont know why)

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    Aj & clay baby
    AJ got in cause he has talent not because he touched two girls hands who were way to old for him anyways but just he has talent!!

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    AJ & Clay baby I am not a big fan of Aj but he is talented and hes good 2 hes gonna be the one whos gonna win the group all the grammys so please you people have no clue of whos gettiing in or not he will definetly get in !


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