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Thread: Fox Wanted Lucy Over Chantel & Got Screwed

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    They're the company behind the production of the show. FOX just acts as the distributing medium, to show the program on television. I was wrong in stating FOX was manipulating certain things, though.

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    u right Chantel did get screwed and i am pissed. I think well Hale should be in therre but but chantel has been watin fo so long and i thinkl she should be in the group

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    Well, now FOX has Lucy and everybody wins. The end. (Okay, what a waste of a post. O_O)

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    Aj & clay baby
    Groving it is right too much free time!!

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    did u ever think that Lucy could've possibly gotten better than Chantel and then the judges were just being honest? (For once....hehehe)

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    I agree that it is 19 entertainment, not "Fox" behind things...and whatever has been done, they didnt do it too well, cause the ratings are not good, and they are not extending the show like they were going to...ie, Performing as starts soon in juniors place..

    I do think that 19 entertainment manipulates by editing..showing us what they want us to see...the promos featured chantel sooo much, she had a fan base before the show started...it is clear that 19 wanted at least one older, more powerful singer to go along with cute munchkins they would also promote *ie, the thompsons..

    I think what happened is that chantel herself dropped the ball...other than her auditions and semifinals, she just has not lived up to the pre show hype...Lucy sang much better...at some point the judges had to be honest...and yes, the show began to show Lucy better, but only because she did sing better...

    Lucy is in...do they really need chantel?? at this point I dont think 19 cares too much, they would no doubt rather have aj to try to save the group and give it more balance.. I dont think they find this show or group important enough to risk scandals and lawsuits to actually "fix" it..

    there are subtle "fixes"...ie, songs chosen, special effects, judges comments, air time, that can help to sway..ultimately tho chantel has to come out with a great performance, which she has just not been doing....aj has been consistent and I think he no doubt has a better chance to win, any way you slice it, Lucy will be the "star" of the group JMO

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